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Spyderco Tropen

Scott Meers Sep 13, 2019

  1. Scott Meers

    Scott Meers Little Member

    Figured I'd write up a review of the Spyderco Tropen as I didn't find much on it before I bought it other than people complaining about the exposed blade.

    I've been carrying it for over a month now daily, jeans pocket mainly, but some cargo shorts as well. I haven't even felt the exposed blade let alone cut myself. I can close the blade using the compression lock again without having my finger in danger.

    I really like the fit of the handle and the size of the blade. They really work well together. It is geared more towards self defense, but I have used it for everyday slicing without issue.

    The only con I come close to is more personal preference; I could do without the Emerson wave portion. Personally I'd rather have a bigger spydie hole or just deleted it. Again, more of a personal preference as it does work for it's intended purpose.

    Knife next to a Hinderer FXM for size comparison. Video is of me opening and closing. Only thing I've done is oiled it and opened and closed it numerous times to smooth the action.

    _IMG_000000_000000.jpg IMG_20190913_124509300.jpg

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  2. avillageidiot

    avillageidiot Average member

    nice review I agree not a Emerson wave fan. I do like the bigger Spydie Hole like on a Military more than the wave.
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  3. Scott Meers

    Scott Meers Little Member

    Thanks, still a favorite knife to carry. Thinking of having a set of scales made for it to add some texture to the G10 as I can't bring myself to mod the ones that came with it.

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