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~sopranos finale??????

beergoddess Jun 11, 2007

  1. I'm stoked that Jericho isn't getting cancelled after all. :spin:
  2. RXX

    RXX Hellbilly Deluxe Brigade Member

    There is always "Big Love".:thefinger

    I may switch to Starz or something.
  3. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    I thought it was genius!
  4. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    It's called "open ended," "implied," or "inferred" narrative.

    Every text has an implied narrative, an implicit story that gets the reader from the beginning to the ending. Poetic sequences seldom spell out this narrative directly. The reader constructs it from the fact that any set of items in a series construct a progression of some kind.

    Conceptual art gave birth to implied and inferred narrative. In visual art, Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain was seminal to inferred narrative.

    [Duchamp exhibited a urinal and titled the piece "fountain."]

    In Duchamp's words:

    “… creative art is not performed by the artist alone: the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualification and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.”
  5. silenthunterstudios

    silenthunterstudios The Jello Gigolo

    James Gandolfini may turn out to be typecast irreparably after this series. I missed the season before last, I knew this finale was going to be a cop out. At least Tony and his crew weren't arrested for not helping out a fat guy who was getting mugged.
  6. Rozz

    Rozz piss and vinegar Lady Devil

    Ya know what they did, right? They're gonna make a movie.
  7. Rozz

    Rozz piss and vinegar Lady Devil


    I got this in an email and had to share,

    Here is the best explanation of what happened last night on the sopranos...

    He was killed....

    in fact, the ending was genius if you've paid attention to the show or
    are just a fan of well developed well thought out plots that all tie
    together and have the memory of a champ to remember it all

    the ending was simple, he got killed, but let me tell yall why and
    explain in detail... There was 3 people in the room total who had a
    reason to kill tony.....

    the two black guys, they were paid before to kill tony but he was only
    shot in the ear, this was in one of the earlier seasons,

    also in the earlier seasons, the trucker who was sitting at the bar
    stool, who the camera kept focusing in on, is Nikki leotardo, Phil
    Leotardos nephew, he was in one of the early season episodes where Phil
    and Tony have a sit down....

    heres where the genius comes in....

    When tonys walking in the diner,you see the camera focus on him, then it
    switches to his perspective, and you see him looking @ the booth hes
    gonna sit at...

    then the camera switches back to tonys face, then it once again switches
    to his perspective, and it shows him looking @ the door and looking @
    the people come in..... Everytime the door opens the Chimes sound.......
    Carmela walks in, Chimes, AJ walks in Chimes, this when Meadows parallel
    parking, still trying to get inside the restaurant....

    at this point the camera switches back to the trucker who goes in the

    Then it goes to a scene where meadow finally parks and starts running in
    the diner....

    the doors about to open, Tony looks up....

    and No Chimes......................

    No Music............

    Everything just goes black...............

    In one of the early episodes of the sopranos, tonys talking with bobby
    about what it must feel like to die..

    Bobby says "at the end, you probably dont hear anything, everything just
    goes black"

    part of that was revisited in the second to last episode during the last
    seconds of it, when tonys about to go to sleep and he flashes back to
    the memory of him and bobby on the boat... "You probably dont hear
    anything everything just goes black"

    so in the end, the Journey song was playing, the chimes on the door
    sounded but when meadow came in, the guy in the trucker hat came out and
    killed tony...

    its the reason you aint hear, or see sh*t when he died.... it was from
    his perspective.... and everything went black, then the credits rolled.
  8. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    I am waiting for the new season of MASH. :goat:
  9. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    I hate forwarded emails and whoever wrote that is an idiot!:devilzide

    Besides EVERYONE knows that song is about "B" and Pumpkin :jdwink2:
  10. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    :bobert: I forgot about that drama!
  11. TheBadGuy

    TheBadGuy NATURE'S FINEST Super Moderator

    I was defiantly disappointed:ssad:
  12. Kalooch135

    Kalooch135 Fireman Ken

    One glaring flaw......the guy in the trucker hat never gets up to go to the restroom. The guy in the grey Members Only jacket gets up to use the head.
    Rozz likes this.
  13. Honch0

    Honch0 head honcho

    When Meadow enters the chimes ring. Give me a break, this is all BS.

    If I want symbolisms and metaphors I will go the the library. Mob shows that go deep are a fucking contradiction and I hate contradictions. The ending simply sucked, David Chase needs a beating...Al
  14. MadDaddy

    MadDaddy Pat in the box

    And that is the funniest fucking thing I have heard all day....thanks boss :spin:
  15. FireMonkey

    FireMonkey throws poop Lady Devil

    According to this they aren't

  16. G3

    G3 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I think the guy in the Member Only jacket went to the john and whacked Tony as Meadow was walking in. Makes sense. All the rest was to throw you off. Notice his perception of the room but disregards the guy getting up to use the restroom.
  17. The General

    The General The Devil's General Brigade Member

    When the $$$ offers come in, Chase will fold. Unless he gets another series as successful as the Soprano's.

    Which frankly is unlikely.
  18. MJ

    MJ a most pure angel Lady Devil

    I just saw the final episode last night..........

    That was a BAD ending. To many loose ends. I was disappointed. I don't want deep thought, or metaphor crap with my cable drama series.

    -10 for the ending, and I hope someone kicks Chase in the sac with steel toe boots for making some bullshit ending like that. :signhere:
  19. Donnie B.

    Donnie B. JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Sorry for bumping an old thread but I just binged through the entire 6 seasons over the past couple of weeks. It's free on Amazon Prime for Prime members.

    Anyway, Like the poster above quoted, it's the combination of the final scene being completely from Tony's perspective, the conversation that Bobby and Tony had in the boat, and the way the scene kept focusing on the guy in the Members Only jacket. He glances over at Tony a few times before going to the bathroom.

    When he leaves the bathroom he's in Tony's blind spot and both AJ and Carmela are staring down at their menus so they don't see him either.

    Tony hears the chime, glances up but before he can register Meadow coming in a bullet enters his brain killing him instantly. So only one who probably actually saw the shot in that split instance was Meadow.

    And I doubt the dude killed Tony's family. That's just plain bad mafia form.

    There's also this:

    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 3, 2016
  20. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    Look at the way they lived & the shit they did! There is no way Sopranos could have a 'happily ever after' ending.

    How else could it end? Tony had to die.


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