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Some Benchmade Balisongs

zslacker Aug 5, 2022 at 9:53 PM

  1. zslacker

    zslacker Little member

    Benchmade Balisongs
    BM 35 No scratches on blade, pretty good condition. Will latch open but not stay closed, sheath only with some housepaint ont it $300
    BM 46 Spear springer A couple scratches, not perfect but still very good condition, comes with box, paper and sheath. SOLD
    BM 42 Titanium springer Very nice condition No scratches Its been out of the box only a few times Comes with box paper and sheath SOLD
    BM 41 SS springer Limited Edition (I think all of them are) The blade has scratches and blemishes on one side, fortunately it comes with another blade that is nearly mint Knife comes with original box paper and sheath $750
    BM 42 S Titanium Very nice condition The latch does have a line from the handle, the blade has no visible marks. $600
    BM 42 Black. This is the best looking Black 42 I have seen, nearly flawless. It is unusual to find any Black Benchmade that does not have the handle chipped from opening and closing. I have only taken it out 2 or 3 times in the years I have had it A very nice addition to a collection. $800
    BM 44 Custom Finish Tanto. This one is in very good condition, it also is nearly flawless. Comes with some very cool paperwork such as a stern warning to not let anyone other than Benchmade work on the knife. Original box papers and sheath. $750

    None of these items have been carried or flipped. Condition is subjective so please ask for any clarification although the pictures are brutally honest and I have described them well. No refunds. Funds are to be made paypal net price to me or Postal Money order. I will ship priority mail at my cost however its up to the buyer to pay for how much insurance they want

    IMG_2672.jpg IMG_2672.jpg IMG_2673.jpg IMG_2674.jpg IMG_2675.JPG IMG_2676.jpg IMG_2677.jpg IMG_2678.jpg IMG_2679.JPG IMG_2680.JPG
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2022 at 5:32 PM
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  2. Aaronb33

    Aaronb33 Little Member

  3. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    With a name like "zSLACKER" you were expecting him to rush? :bwah:

    All good now.
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  4. zslacker

    zslacker Little member

    Would have got it right the first time but I did get caught slackin
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