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  1. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards yub yub

    Everything sold

    Thank You dirty -dee!!!

    BUY BOTH FOR 640.00! Someone should be able to turn a profit at that price!!

    Today I'm selling my (insert title here)

    Selling for 460 - Price includes shipping, insurance, and PP fees.

    PP GS/CONUS only.

    sitting around 8.5/10 condition. some blade rub (basically benchmade's cert of auth.)
    Handles have held up well and blade edge has held up well.
    Sheath and latch only sadl. however if you really just want A box I have a spare morpho box to set it in.

    Will ship following morning by 10am PST.

    Ask all the pictures and will take all the questions!

    20180226_120048.jpg 20180226_181924.jpg 20180226_181909.jpg 20180226_181929.jpg 20180226_181933.jpg 20180226_181917.jpg 20180226_120133.jpg

    Second thing for sale is a 1.0 alpha beast courtesy of everyone's favorite muppet Desmodus.
    She claims it was upgraded to fit t8, though my brain don't think so good.

    Structurally she's very sound around 9/10 butt, I've had one pivot shear (currently omeme pivot inside) and one other go missing (one that is holding spacers). Asking 275.00, same deal as with the Benchmade Shipping, GS, conus, All that.

    I do have box n latch for this one! Just FYI I will finish blade polish before shipping this one out (unless you really wanna do it for some reason.)

    20180226_184138.jpg 20180226_184109.jpg 20180226_184103.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
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  2. bobaloo399

    bobaloo399 Little member

    PM'd on AB
  3. Paul M WagoonMaron

    Paul M WagoonMaron Tiny Member

    I will take the AB if not gone!
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