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SOLD SOLD SOLD!!Hom Basilisk G10 OD GREEN - 350.00 Shipped & Insured

caseyedwards Feb 10, 2018

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  1. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards yub yub

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! TY j32a2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Selling Hom Bas G10 OD Green 9.5/10

    Asking 350.00

    Comes with everything (box and latch are at work).

    Will ship next business day by 10am PST.

    PP (GS ONLY) CONUS only.

    Will take as many pics as you need and answer just as many questions!

    20180210_121714.jpg 20180210_121645.jpg 20180210_121637.jpg 20180208_100825.jpg

    Side note in the bottom picture that is tape on the blade, no damage has come to it.
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