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So it appears that Benchmade is anti Second Amendment

Old Toad Feb 21, 2019

  1. Old Toad

    Old Toad Little member

    Recently Benchamade was creditied by the Police Dept as helpful in destroying guns. This seems to have started memes about Benchmade and dumpster fires because the hole seems to go deeper. While many of these guns may be court ordered destructions others are gun turn ins/ buy backs. Then according to the story investigations reveal that Benchmade has regulartly made maximum allowable political contributions to gun grabbing Democrat candidates and refuses to comment on the situation. As it stands if the shoe fits, wear it.
    Watch the story here.
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  2. GuItArMaN8373

    GuItArMaN8373 JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Damn shame. Keep seeing this come up in my firearm-related newsletter emails.
  3. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I think I'll just drop this right here...

  4. rock3r4life

    rock3r4life Sir shtablington

    I mean think about it, lol! This is a cutlery company we are talking about. It's only logical to be anti gun... Because without a gun, What are you left with? Knives.
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  5. Drill Sergeant

    Drill Sergeant Huge member

    I am bummed. Sent an email to Benchmade with my displeasure. One short paragraph was: "You are taking a very short-sighted view to save and promote your company. You choose to naively believe that after feeding the tiger, the tiger will not turn on and eat you. IT WILL."

    It is depressing to find that a company I thought was a ally is actually on the anti side. https://guntalk.com/gun-talk-radio/...un-destruction-dem-donations-and-ita-failures
  6. perado

    perado Shoot to thrill

    I had been a Benchmade fanboy since the mid-80s. I think I'm down to my last 5.

    While I certainly support their 1st Amendment rights, their use of weasel words to try to excuse their actions has soured me from ever buying another.
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  7. NoSleep

    NoSleep Tiny Member

    This is blown way out of proportion. These guns were never getting sold back into circulation anyway thanks to the police departments own policies. Benchmade was simply turning a profit off of their ignorance and I'm honestly surprised how many people consider them "traitors" for doing this. Last I checked they are in business to make money, fuck the PD for posting pictures of it taking place without BM's knowledge though.
  8. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    It's not so much the destroying of the guns as it is the large contributions to anti-gun political candidates. As has been said, the First Amendment allows them freedom of speech, but I'm free to spend my money where it will go to causes that I believe in.
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  9. ralphtt

    ralphtt Introduced

    I knew there was a reason I increased my Microtech collection at the expense of Benchmade. An old, well used AFCK is the only Benchmade I have left and it has lots of miles on it! :peace:
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