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Shine like a diamond

rock3r4life Oct 28, 2021

  1. rock3r4life

    rock3r4life Sir shtablington

    So I am painfully a perfectionist; sometimes it's good, other times (well always) it's a migraine. I love swords/katanas (I have a weird respect for ancient Japan) and I always see flaws with my blades and want to polish them to make them movie perfect. Maybe I'm not old enough yet to understand that some perfection is impossible? (29) idk but I think what I want is a 50k amazing kat from the world's foremost swordsmith when 1k makes me and the dumbasses who try to control me cringe. Basically I got a Hanwei Ronin katana and I LOVE(ED) it, but couldn't help hitting it with my 10 and 12k sandpaper to try to improve the nearly imperceptible flaws and am scared I made it worse because the scratches (or new ones?) are still there. I wish I was as dumb as your typical non sword/knife American cuz I would have thought it was PERFECT before, but now there is an anxiety with things because I put my own actions into a 1000 dollar item. Then there's the whole fact that every polish literally removes part of the blade because you're physically removing steel. (Fantastic powdered steel too, k120c iirc)

    Maybe I have seen too many shows/movies, because my consciousness understands that a thing made from someone that isn't a robot will have minor flaws, but unconsciousness knows, because it has seen "real" blades from movies that are PERFECT.

    Grrr... is this a mid life crisis? Lol.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2021

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