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Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle .308

waterdogs Feb 25, 2014

  1. Scout

    Scout Huge member

    Where have you been!?:manganr:

    IER scopes is an old idea back from when folks could actually shoot and hit, what they were aiming at. The IER scopes would pretty much have been forgotten about, had Jeff Cooper not brought the concept back for the (one and only) Scout rifle concept (as made by Steyr Mannlicher of Austria).

    Advantages of the best of the breed; the Leupold FX-II 2.5x IER Intermediate Eye Relief Scout Scope.
    -Extremely fast target aquisition.
    -Excellent depth perception due to both eyes open.
    -Excellent tracking due to both eyes open.
    -Excellent 'situation awareness' or awareness of what is going on around you, likewise due to both eyes open.
    -Track one target and you can already be planning for the next one, if for example hog hunting or having other opportunity of multiple targets.
    -A pure joy to work with.

    -Heck, there aint none (if you can shoot).

    On a more serious note; the Scout scope is not for all. Many 'shooters' have tried out the concept briefly and discarded the idea, as being not for them.

    I wont hesitate to claim, that for those who have the patience and the abiity to really aim (no pun intended) for wringing out the best the scope and using it to the best of their own abilities, the scope will perform very well.

    It all depends on ones mindset and getting used to the concept.
    It really is very very VERY fast.

    It is of course not a long distance scope, but was never meant to be.
    Some dont realize that.

    How ever, its good for Whitetails for up to a couple of hundred meters.

    The scope has thick cross hairs, aiding in making the scope VERY fast, but these thick bars will obscure a target beyond that distance.

    Besides, you have no business shooting whitetail beyond that with a 2.5x scope.

    A disadvantage with thick cross hairs? Nope - I call it an excellent no battery rangefinder; if you cant see the deer for the cross hairs, you dont shoot:manganr:

    If you go beyond a couple of hundred meters, you need another scope.

    EDIT; link
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  2. Sam Salvati

    Sam Salvati Huge member

    So it's a different kind of scope also, I am thinking how will it work I have to be fairly close to my regular rifle scope to get the whole image in. Like an analog red dot :D i'd love to try it wow!~

    Thanks for the info Scout!
  3. L R Harner

    L R Harner They call me "Butch" Knife Maker or Craftsman

    kelly has a 2-7x on her 3030 woods/deer gun not as long eye relief but same fast handeling and bright tool
  4. Scout

    Scout Huge member

    Thank you for the interest in what I consider a brilliant concept.

    Well, its different in the way you have to be further away from it than from a 'normal' scope for the Scout Scope to work.

    It also works well for large bore 'African' rifles in the sense, that you dont have to 'creep' up on the scope to get the image in, as you mention, hence no risk of joining the 'Half Moon Club' ever with a Scout Scope.

    The scope will never bump your forehead, as its simply too far away.

    So the IER might be a solution, if you have trouble finding the right scope for a certain rifle and make it work for you.

    I just hate, when you cant instinctively find the right distance/angle to the scope. I for example cant work instinctively with the barrel-like ELCAN. What a POS.

    On an unrelated note; IER scopes might also work for those uncomfortable by having the scope too close to their eyes/forehead.

    You mention red dot scopes; thats actually a very good analogy.
    Ive always thought, that the Scout IER scope works much like a red dot.
    Ive used an Aimpoint with a 3x Aimpoint behind it for a long time and the IER scope is just as handy, nice and fast to use. So yes, all the advantages of a red dot without the hassle of batteries.

    Further more, the Leupold 2.5x Scout Scope is incredibly rugged being not only fixed power but also mounted low and solid in maybe the best mounts ever (or amongst the very best) on the Steyr Scout.

    Fixed power also means no fiddling with the magnification and no suddenly finding yoursels looking at a close in animal at for example a too large 12x magnification, where you thought you had the scope at 6x or what ever.

    For most who give the scope a chance and work with it long enough, it will open up a whole new world.
    It does demand some skill and knowing ones limitations, as the 2.5x never will be able to replace one scopes with much larger magnification.
    On the other hand, you gain so much more within the frame of the IER capabilities.

    The sense of knowing, that you have a fast rifle/scope combo with the Scout Scope mounted, gives you confidence in those sticky situations, that calls for fast and furious shooting and lightning quick follow-up shots.

    Good for putting down those animals, that you dont want in too close, by quick and consistent target aquisition.

    Good for keeping a bead and follow-through (follow-through because you have both eyes open and are able to take in a wide part of what is going on around you) on those animals, which WILL put the pedal to the metal once spooked.

    ...and not least a great tool for those lightning fast follow-up shots, where time is of the essence and you only have split seconds for shot number two
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