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Rifleman's D Guard

mcswood Dec 8, 2014

  1. mcswood

    mcswood knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman


    It's 17. 1/4" overall and weighs 30 oz.
    The blade is 1095 spring steel 11. 7/8" X 1. 7/8" and 1/4" thick.
    The fittings are 1018 steel WELDED to the full tang.

    The handle is 5" long with scales of lightly darkened Curly Maple.

    The sheath is 10 oz. leather with black steel rivets.
    The belt frog is removable.
    It's cemented at the spacer and hand stitched
    using doubled waxed nylon saddle stitching thread making for an
    extremely rugged, rough use sheath.

    The rough beveled blade is reheated in the forge to glowing red
    and quenched in strained used motor oil. After it's cleaned of slag
    it's brought back up in temp. until it can be struck with a file.
    I leave the file marks showing. I like a handmade knife to look
    This is how I harden / temper my blades. They hold an edge
    extremely well.

    SOLD $400 incl. shipping in the U.S. (PAYPAL or usps (POSTAL) M.O.)
    Will ship international w/ additional shipping charges.

    1st. "I'LL TAKE IT" to my email address mcswoodknives@gmail.com
    takes it.
    Emails must have a subject related to the post or they won't be opened.

    Thanks for looking,
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