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Reate Horizon C flipper for sale or trade

bigmikey Jan 16, 2020 at 12:16 AM

  1. bigmikey

    bigmikey Better than gold or platinum

    BD1D9675-D3CE-4EAD-BCD0-199BC1A54FD0.jpeg C43EDD4D-F2FE-4FC7-AFD9-BE462D251C77.jpeg D47FF897-067D-4672-9F93-0B37DA550D4E.jpeg 05AD705E-5972-4EC0-9A50-714F2CD4B627.jpeg E3456721-BE2C-4AFF-BB02-117759C91816.jpeg

    I have an excellent condition Reate Horizon C flipper with the Titanium handles and S35VN blade steel. Clip has been lightly anodized.

    Asking $199.00 shipped or trade for fixed blades, folders, automotive tools, gift cards, or?

    Pm or email me at mashguy4077@yahoo.com if interested in it.

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