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Quartermaster Marty McFly QBS-1P Bali Song, D2 Polished Blade

KNIFEWORKS Aug 25, 2015


    KNIFEWORKS Knifeworks Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Quartermaster Marty McFly QBS-1P Bali Song, D2 Polished Blade, Polished Titanium Handle

    Suggested Retail: $287.95 Our Price: $243.95 You Save: $44.00



    Quartermaster Marty McFly QBS-1P Bali Song, D2 Polished Blade, Polished Titanium Handle

    You may remember that 2015 was the future year that "Marty McFly" traveled to in that familiar 80's trilogy. To celebrate, many of our models this year will bear character names from those films. As we've stated before, were a knife company that has been built by & for gun-guys. As such, it's one of our main priorities that we keep your trigger fingers unscathed! This is part of the reason we've developed the patented BladEXChange feature. The user may, with little more than the push of two buttons, effortlessly exchange a training blade for a live blade or one blade shape for another. QTRMSTR provides you with everything you need to begin. The full knife as you see in the photos above, as well as a raw trainer blade. We've even gone so far as to keep the training blade heavy, so that you can start your training at a comfortable pace.


    •Full Polished Colorway - Both handle and blade are fully polished
    •Blade Length: 4.000" 10.16cm
    •Blade Thickness: .1875" 4.762mm
    •Handle Thickness: .500" 12.7mm
    •Blade Material: D2
    •Blade Hardness: 61-62
    •Blade Style: Compound Tanto
    •Weight: 6.5 Ounces
    •Carry Type: Pocket Clip
    •Locking Mechanism: Titanium latch
    •Pivot Assembly: patented bladExchange
    •Overall Length: 9.500" 24.13cm
    •Manufactured: 100% made in texas, USA

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