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(Price drop)Sergey Rogovets, Extreme Addiction B2

Slick_Dinger Jun 5, 2021

  1. Slick_Dinger

    Slick_Dinger Little Member

    A4492242-85BA-40AE-B548-C4373907E7CE.jpeg 31921FA5-CA7B-4C4D-829C-37E90E0AFEF5.jpeg E9CEE0E3-5643-4CD4-BB71-D4AE83B2C6AE.jpeg 24D575BF-0C9C-4F3F-9C06-F38EDC3A7B9A.jpeg FA1C0A81-FF1B-4641-AB0C-426F18625826.jpeg

    What’s up Devils. I am selling my Extreme Addiction B2 made by Sergey Rogovets. This thing is Mint, comes with leather sheath & authentication paper.
    originally sold from PVK -Vegas. Blade CTS-XHP, Titanium Handles (6al4v) ceramic trust bearings,
    Manufacturing date 4/03/2018.
    If you have questions or want more pics/video just let me know.

    $1100 OBO > $1,000 OBO
    Payment through PayPal G&S.
    I’ll cover shipping and insurance.
    Will trade for Microtech or Marfione customs. +/- cash. Lmk what you got.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2021
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