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Power Aerials, do you need to do them?

Nardath Aug 14, 2012

  1. echoshock

    echoshock Huge member

    Personally, I believe that power aerials one day may be required. But at the same time, I think they shouldn't be as highly valued as technical flipping, but they will contribute to the growth of the community. Also, I thoroughly believe that if executed correctly, they are beautiful. The problem is, I am incredibly shitty at them. But one day, I do hope to learn them.
    I do like the idea of there being two sides of flipping: Power aerial/show flipping, and more technical flipping, and then people like slash, nard, and VD, who incorporate them all.
  2. lumsify

    lumsify Huge member

    power aerials are fun as hell and is my favorite thing to do while flipping. i also think that they are the most impressive looking when executed correctly, which is why people like slash, vince, and nard place high in competitions IMO
  3. Palethius

    Palethius Customizer Knife Maker or Craftsman

    No... they place high because they're awesome at what they do. They don't place high because of Power Aerials, they place high cause they land EVERYTHING cleanly.

    How 'bout Fke? He barely does ANY aerials.
  4. lumsify

    lumsify Huge member

    agreed. but im just saying that power aerials draw attention and are flashy. they specialize in power aerials for the most part, and fke specializes in technical work. your right though, it is because they execute their moves so well

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