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Positive Thought Energy Needed

OnceBitten Apr 24, 2013

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Tuesdays here

    Hi all first up I guess I should tell you I have growing concerns about physiologic changes I can feel in body and not favorable .

    I'm becoming winded easy, even a shower is strenuous and fatiguing , this past weekend the wife went yard -saleing .

    Sunday I needed to go fetch a small cabinet she picked up with a friend's pickup truck. My body was near collapse after this short strenuous activity somethings really, really not right. :chuck:

    Today in meeting with the DR I advised of the latest physical attributes rearing their head . As well as my grave concern that time is passing and still have no real resolve.

    I MUST find out whats going so I have some sort of chance to fight this monster again before it claims me.

    He listened and I was heard loud and clear.

    It's way to soon for another PET/CT, but I am able to have another CT scan done.

    Already scheduled for this Thursday at 1PM this CT scan will be with contrast so they can get a good look and compare against my last CT scan done the beginning of summer.

    Pending the results seen in films will give bearing on what to do next. The Dr will have results back Friday , I will call to speak with him.

    As always thanks for the continued support , my mind is strong even if my body is weak.

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  2. gzb

    gzb SUPER Moderator* Super Moderator

    Hold the line G... :thumbsup:
  3. Roger

    Roger Formerly HSG Brigade Member

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Glenn.
  4. Carson

    Carson Rust Wizard Brigade Member

    You have my continued support through prayer, Glenn.

    Keep fighting the fight, man.
  5. bhauer

    bhauer Little member

    Glenn I'm sorry you are still going through this. Sending positive thoughts your way. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you you.
  6. taoist

    taoist taoist JDBA Official Member

    Sending positive energy vibes your way. Hang in there buddy. We are all with ya.
  7. Lone_Wolfe

    Lone_Wolfe Bunker Dweller Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Sending up more good thoughts and prayers got you, Glenn.
  8. Bill T

    Bill T Snatch Boogie Knife Maker or Craftsman

  9. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Glenn I hope your fatigue is just due to you getting old. You are important to us here on the JD, and not just because you are the best and most reliable source of disgusting and perverse clown gifs either. :bozo:
  10. firebolt

    firebolt Hollandse Duivel Brigade Member

    don't tell me that food taste strange :cry:

    hang in there buddy...
    i'm on my knees for you, praying
    and i'm not much off a religious man
    but i do my little bit... hoping the Man will hear my prayer
  11. Dyoung

    Dyoung Enormous member

    Smoke and prayers sent for you from out west. Hope the fatigue is just from old age. Hang in there Glenn!
  12. nocheese4u

    nocheese4u Notch'yo' cheese! JDBA Official Member

    I sure hope you feel better!
  13. 45acpmike

    45acpmike Huge member

    Stay strong Glenn,

    Let us know how it goes when you feel better,
    Gotta hope for the best

    We are all rootin, for ya bud
  14. dymond47

    dymond47 Better than gold or platinum

    G,still mentioning your name every day to the Master brother, He is forever true..
  15. DucS2R

    DucS2R Huge member

    Glenn, been on the road all week and missed your post of the 24th. Sorry to hear about the fatigue, that is not good, and you need to press the doctors for a solution or consider the move to Cleveland Clinic or Hopkins.

    As a realist but also one to always be optimistic, a month ago I did two weeks of business travel with no exercise, just sitting in meetings and eating and then at night drinking. When I went home, taking my bags up the stairs to my room left me gasping for breath, lightheaded and dizzy. I thought it was the big one. But I forced myself the next two weeks to walk, then lift weights, then do some aerobics and I feel fine again, at least as fine as a 62 year old can feel.

    Let's hope that is what is going on. You are not as old as me, but worry, anxiety, and lack of exercise can really take a toll.

    You are still at the top of my prayer list, and yes I have three on that list, and you need to stay aggressive (yeah I know, broken record), lean on your family for support, and get this shit behind you.

    All the best, buddy. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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  16. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

  17. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Hi all. Well Mondays here and almost gone so I better get a typing. (oops Monday ran out while composing)

    Sorry for the delay in writing as I needed time to mentally process the new information at hand.

    I spoke with the Oncologist Friday . The new CT scan with contrast showed some new things. None providing answers only provoking more questions, I guess this is good as I am moving ahead. While what I need to move ahead with may not be favorable , at least I'm not idle.

    The new scan showed in the original area of interest of the lung , what the DR called "invasive" an area from the center line of lung mid chest to the esophagus and airway. Knowing what I am dealing with this is not a good thing at all as you probably know as well reading this.

    While it has not been labeled "cancer" do to lack of tissue sample and the biopsy failure, it sure reeks of it with the findings and progression. As well as where I stand after the summer dealings.

    As well as symptomatology, the shortness of breath. As of late I've been having some indigestion (heartburn) , with whats going on anyone would have indigestion, mine could be quite serious.

    Another finding in this latest scan was a accumulation of some fluid in the same area of the lung where the area of interest/s is/are.

    Tomorrow I have a swallow study , a test to determine if I am having whats called silent aspiration. The DR wants to rule out that I am ingestion fluids and having it seep down my airway. Reason , post radiation X37 to my head and neck back in 2007 has left remnants of throat problems IE scar tissue etc. Just to rule out this ingestion of fluids test will be done under a live fluoroscopy while swallowing something putrid I am sure.

    Oncologist wants me to revisit lung DR with new findings to see if she can treat me with inhalers and such to help elevate the fluid/s . Treat the symptoms, and also take part in the brainstorming for whats next so she is also in the loop.

    As well. I must revisit the ENT to be scoped to see what he can see down my airway. If this invasion has gone through the linings of my airway, not only should he be able to get a visual, but also grab a sample ! Hallelujah grab a sample so I can start treatment that may just save my life.

    I'm sure I've left out some trace info from above, everythings a bit of a blur as I try to process and deal with whats ahead.

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  18. OnceBitten

    OnceBitten Momma said I'd go blind Brigade Member

    You know that I'm not the "Prayer" type of guy, but

    you know that my wishes for you and this long-running gig are nothing short of the best. A tissue sample is of the utmost importance in getting a proper perspective on what's ahead.

    Love ya, man.

    Some real collective thought needed here, Devils.

    You're never out of our constant worry, Glenn. Take comfort in knowing that we're all rooting for you and that Hope is never lost.

    Stay positive and stay strong.

    You owe it to yourself and to all of us.

  19. sawjaws

    sawjaws JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Nice post OB, you and I think a lot along the same lines :thumbsup:

    Glenn, wishing you nothing but the best of luck with your continued fight buddy, I just wish there were more I could do!

    If I had it my way, I would be right there beside you through all of this.
    I believe a lot of devils feel the same as we do!:jdwink2:
  20. GEEZER

    GEEZER Beware The Ides of March Brigade Member

    Smoke and Prayers , Glenn.

    Wishing the best outcome for you!

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