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Pimp my Cigar Knife

Steven Kelly Nov 29, 2009

  1. Steven Kelly

    Steven Kelly knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    A few weeks back I built the first of my "Cigar" Knives.
    Quite a few people made the comment that they would look much better "pimped out" a bit.. maybe some Damascus and maybe some ivory, or something...

    Well, here it is...

    The first "pimped out" Cigar knife.

    This liner-lock folder is 6" open and 3 3/8" closed. It sports a mosaic composite blade of 1095 and pure nickle. The steel is some from one of the billets we made at the "Redneck Summit" in October. The Wharncliff blade is chisel ground so that you can get a flat cut on your Stogie...
    The handles are mammoth ivory with some really cool brown and green tones. The liners, back spacer and thumb stud are gold anodized titanium. Gold screws finish everything off!!

    Thanks for looking....

  2. BGadvocate

    BGadvocate Better than gold or platinum

    Steven- nice folder and the Damascus pattern rocks!
  3. Blastmaster1972

    Blastmaster1972 Koele Duivel

    Wow. Nice.

    Kind regards,


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