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Pictures of your Long GUNS!

bart-1 Feb 22, 2005

  1. PS-RagE

    PS-RagE "R" for Adventure JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Hey guys, long time no post.

    So during the peak of media fear-porn known as covid19 (May 2020), Chairman True-dough decided it would be a good time to dictate a firearms ban for Canadians. I decided that day it was a good time to finally acquire my permit. So recently, my new toy purchases have drifted away from steel and more to lead (and other precious metals).

    A few of these landed in Canada last month and I decided I had to have one:

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  2. Rev357

    Rev357 Tiny Member

    my 11.5 SBR and secondary. fresh from the cerakote guys. 45° offset irons are on there, still waiting for my 1-6 lpvo. really happy with how it turned out.

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