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Perfect Leatherman Sheath...Finally!

Z'ha'dum Oct 7, 2012

  1. Z'ha'dum

    Z'ha'dum Shadow

    I've been looking for a better way to carry my Leatherman Super Tool 300 since the nylon one that comes with it quickly starts to fray and the Velcro stops sticking.
    I ordered the leather sheath from Leatherman but it didn't last long either.
    But it looks like I found a solution. Chris Flores made me a kydex sheath for it.
    I wanted to carry it for a week or so to get an idea if this was going to work. Well I'm happy to say it works pretty damn good.
    Chris built in some adjustability (up/down) in case my fat belly droops over the side (which it does).
    It has just the right amount of retention. Not too hard to get out but stays put when it's supposed to.
    Chris did a great job on it and fast too. Less than a week from the time I put it in the mail until it was back on my belt.
    I'm finally happy with a Leatherman sheath.

  2. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    Nice work!!

    Great idea!..


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