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Peddinghaus anvil - cleaning and testing

loneronin May 27, 2020

  1. loneronin

    loneronin Little member

    after a very long search a few days ago, precisely on April 16, 2020, I found this anvil on an online ad and purchased it without seeing it in person. I think the photos are very clear. it is a North German anvil of one-piece forged steel weighing 52kg (115lbs). this style includes a round horn and a square thong, a round hole and a square hole both above the base. this guarantees superior stability compared to holes placed on the tail and therefore outside the base of the anvil like in the London pattern. its measures are: total length from horn to thong 56cm (22inchs), width 11cm (4inchs), height 22cm (9inchs). it has no punchs but I believe it is a Peddinghaus due to the fact the square hole is beveled which is a characteristic of the anvils of that foundry and on the hardie cutter there is a clear "gear logo". nowadays Peddinghaus no longer makes anvils of that size but only 35kg (77lbs), 75kg (165lbs) and 125kg (276lbs). the one I purchased was certainly dirty and slightly rusty probably due to very limited use. the upper face is in fact in excellent condition, the edges do not show fractures or evident signs of hammering or other damages. in addition to the anvil there is a practically new cutting hardie tool, a round tool that I do not know how to use, a big hammer and a 60cm (24inchs) diameter by 65cm (26inchs) height wooden log with a couple of brachets to hang the tools. I think the previous owner does not know the value of this object in fact he put it on sale at a price of 200€ and with a minimum of bargaining I was able to bring him down to 125€ or 2.50€/kg when currently the official prices without any accessories or strain for the 35kg model is 765$ (22$/kg), for the 75kg one it is 1,425$ (19$/kg) and for the 125kg model it is 2,130$ (17$/kg). The previous owner told me that it belonged to his grandfather who use it for hobby, like I will. I cleaned it up well trying to preserve its oxide surface patina and I will have to secure it to the stump safely. I also tested it with a steel ball which I dropped by 1 meter. I got an average rebound of 91-92cm. I am very satisfied with my new toy and I am sure it will be a great pleasure to forge on an anvil of this level with horns and holes for accessories for someone like me used to forge on a simple block of iron!

    WhatsApp Image 2020-04-16 at 12.05.19 bum_800x600.jpeg
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