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    muzzle loaders are a dangerous breed of rifles and shotguns .I've had them all love the flintlock ,, BUT I do a lot of gunsmithing for friends and during muzzle loader hunting I get all kinds of problems from friends,,didn't load the rifle right every time ,, I've had one guy put 2 separate load in on top of each other ,, one guy had no bullet in and swears to god he loaded it , ,,,other issues is Black powder is really dangerous it blows up ,,but the sticks or pellets are a propellant ,,Plus you have the high breads now you can put magnum charges in them which is not needed 2 pellets will do.and if one puts 3 pellets in for a magnum load in a standard BP Rifle it could blow up a barrel .Lastly I find people get confused also on black powder vs. pellets,, 80 g of black powder equals 100 g of pellets ,,Many don't even know this and if they switch and put 100 g of BP in thinking its Equals to their smokeless powder ,,you just made your BP conversion from smokeless a mag. round ,in a standard barrel,,,not good . Any type of shooting is dangerous .BP is the most Dangerous,People just plan forget shit and you can't just be playing with these toys.
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