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Old Fart with New Age Question...

Matches Jan 20, 2007

  1. Matches

    Matches Airport Bum Brigade Member

    My cell phone is provided by my employer and I only know that I am allowed 250 minutes per month free. This has me wondering how phone calls are charged. Are 250 local minutes the same as 250 minutes out of my area code? The last time I had anything to do with a phone bill you were charged by the distance called and the time spent on the call. Any explanations are welcome.:wes:
  2. ppc6mm

    ppc6mm Down For Life

    It depends on the plan your employer purchased from the provider. Some plans allow all calls in the Continental US to be considered local & only cost you minutes used within the limits of your plan, i.e. in your case, 250 minus whatever you minutes used. Other plans are confined to a geographical zone or region & all calls outside are charged at a per minute rate, plus they cost you minutes.....
  3. Matches

    Matches Airport Bum Brigade Member

    Thanks ppc6mm, I'm not sure what they have for a plan, but I was curious to know if there was such a thing as "call anywhere" for the same price as local.
  4. Dr Mabuse

    Dr Mabuse Set your motherfucker to "receive"

    its kinda hard to find a plan that is 'local only' these days....

    i'm pretty sure even Cricket is mostly 'anywhere' calling...

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