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OG knife makers quest

Bjorn Nov 18, 2021

  1. Bjorn

    Bjorn Tiny Member

    So after two decades of tunnel vision and single mindedness mostly due to peer pressure and a propensity for exhibitionism I am going after something older. Knife makers with style, definition, innovation and those that were around in the beginning. I need help to accomplish this. So far I have dropped most of my tacticool collection and have;
    • Tom Mayo xl tnt
    • Kit Carson Large M4 6k
    • Dozier xl workhorse
    • Large Obenauf
    • David Mosier 1st one
    • Rick Lala Elvia Grande proto
    • Steve Woods jeweled folder
    • Emerson tanto
    • Microtech Lightfoot D/A
    • Warren Thomas Ti friction
    • Jeff Chaffee custom
    • Brad Duncan monster flipper
    • Nathawut Petchkong monster harpoon
    • Steve Woods SniperHide fixed blade
    Probably forgetting some. But would really appreciate a list of some makers that I would appreciate having. Massive hands and 7ft frame. So size matters.
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