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Notices from PhotoBucket

nostimos Mar 6, 2022

  1. nostimos

    nostimos JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Anyone else getting notices from Photobucket that they require payment now and dont allow
    third party hosting at all any more?
    Mine says i'm ober the limit and require $7.99 a month but hae a special for $3 for six months.
    Most of my pics I post on here and BF that i posted with Photobucket hae disappeared
    due to JDs template change or me unknowingly reorganizing on PB, and the ones that remained hae PBs inkspot probably cause im non paying member.
    is it worth it to continue with them?
    all my pics would be lost on here and BF, but i see that a lot anyway.
    any ideas for future sites for better free third party hosting?
  2. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I use imgur. So far, no charges. www.imgur.com

    Check 'em out.
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  3. snache

    snache Should be a custom title here

    I use my laptop, its free.
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  4. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I do a lot of that too, and just attach the photo to my post, BUTT*, if the pic is over 1mB, then it won't attach. That's when the 3rd party host comes in so handily.... :manganr:

    And, if you're wanting to post a bunch of pics in a single post (think sales thread) then there is a 10 image limit on JD. I don't think that counts if you're using urls and img tags....
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  5. xeodguy

    xeodguy Little member

    +1 on imgur. Quick, easy to use, offer many different formats for sharing your pics/posts, including BB/Forums
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