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Nooby flippin questions. I'm still bleeding

mikee36 May 13, 2019

  1. mikee36

    mikee36 Tiny Member

    Hey guys I've got some more dumb questions...

    Collecting balis is fun as hell but how many of you guys put them to good use? How many of you are "good" at flipping? I've bought a bunch lately cause I think they are rad and I am trying to get a feel for them. My first one was a BM67. That didn't work well. I soon realized that one is not good to learn with.
    If you weren't scared of devaluing and cost was not a concern what is your favorite flipper?
    Right now mine is my Craig Camerer custom. It is big, slow and smooth. I love the sound too. But I am scared to death of hurting it. I'm sure once I get better this will change.
    Here's the big question for me....
    What would you say helped you improve the most at flipping? Was there a certain trick you felt helped you get the feel of the knife? I'm sure there is that finger to knife balance touch feeling that you need to develop to get good. When did you develop that feeling?

    I did do some searching but couldn't find anything brought up like this before. So forgive me if I'm bringing up something that's been up before. And I know PRACTICE is the answer. I have been practicing and have more than a dozen fresh cuts on my right hand. It's starting to get uncomfortable lol. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance
  2. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab Pakal I JDBA Official Member

    What helped improve flipping the most?

    Practice, put time in.

    Flip a trainer or tape your blade to get more comfortable(this could hinder you when flipping live blade)

    Watch videos of flippers and how-to videos.

    Someone is always better so don’t focus on that. Set personal goals for progress.

    Have fun!
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  3. mike_geno

    mike_geno Huge member JDBA Official Member

    I hate to sound like the old guy but... very little comes easy, you have to put the time in.
    As for the cuts, get a squid to flip while your hands heal. :wes:
  4. mikee36

    mikee36 Tiny Member

    Thanks for the input guys. I am putting my time in. I'm just impatient. I don't mind the cuts too much. I do have a Barebones trainer that I use sometimes. It just feels different than the knives that I want to flip so I don't want to get too used to it. I'll get er tho.
    I still want to know what everyone's favorite flipper is......
  5. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories Little Member

    i can't have one favorite, but here's mine (of what i actually own) and why

    carbon and teal bas r - sexiest bowie / sexiest overall looks
    marfione tach 3 - best feeling to the touch handles (slick stonewash raw ti) best clip concept
    vantac speeder - best weight / balance / grip / fit / radiused handle size and shape / lncluded items / value
    bm 87 - best ring a ding (safe handle only, unless you take the latch out) / best latch concept
    carbon rep - best clickety clack
    bm 42 - best cheesy poof skewer - (banshee bowie is better, but i sold it)
    white / blue alt rep - most fun and playful looks
    hom pvd spectre - best tolerances bushing knife / my most quiet bali (though probably only untill the pvd coated pin cups get hammered more)
    bm 51 - its just super pretty, flips good, and carries easy
    bm32 - same as 51 but small and cute too!
    barebones 2.0 - best flat handle size and shape
    omeme - smoothest pivot bearings / most comfortable and lowest profile zen nipple
    bradley mayhem - best blade height and finish / combo of utility features
    bm 67 - best canoe anchor

    there are downsides to all of these knives too, but in the spirit of focusing on favorites, i'll save those for later.

    for the uncomfortable hands, i recommend that liquid bandaid called newskin, can get it at walmart. 2 or three coats of that shit on a cut and it won't hurt anymore when handles slide over it. i've actually grown to kinda like the sting of that stuff, sorta like chili peppers for your cuts!

    also, no matter the value of the knife, resist the urge to soften the fall of your knives with your feet, it's probably more expensive to replace a toe.

    ~the blurry one
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  6. Balibuyer

    Balibuyer Little member JDBA Official Member

    Agreed. The first and only time I've ever had stitches.

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