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Next bali suggestions-rant

hummeroid Mar 17, 2013

  1. hummeroid

    hummeroid Little member

    Hi JDBA,

    Apologies in advance, kind of an intro for myself in the forum and a question at the end.

    Long time lurker, and buy/sell frequenter, but never have been much of a poster... Anyway, over the last few months I've grown a great bali interest, with help from great guys like Glenn.

    A little background- for quite a while my father and I ran a heat treatment shop, where certain knives received treating and it made my knife interest into a full blown addiction. Then I left to manage a test lab. Still, knives were always there. Then my collection was stolen during a move. So, recently I've been reestablishing my collection, and got into valid this time. I have an eye and hand for quality, and actually am doing some CAD for my own bali in my free time on the pro/engineer license I have at work. I've had a few nice balis, including tachyon 2, kimura vi, bm51 bk, fly father, bm42... Nothing mind blowing but I think a really solid start to cover the bases of latch types, pin types, pivot types, and handle materials.

    I only recently received the bm51 bk, and wow. I am constantly blown away. I really enjoy carrying it. There are a few things I love about it( g10, spring latch, how incredibly it flips for me) and some of it seems "meh". (Pivot tension either having play, or too tight).

    OK, now on to the question. Is there something that is the "next step up" from the 51? Say, ikbs pivot, sandwich, spring latch, g10 or cf scaled bali? Id love to get my hands on something like that.

    Coming up sometime soon, I'm having a surgery (waiting on a transplant) so I'd really like to get another "sanity retention tool" for when I can't do anything but lay about for a month.

    If anyone has suggestions on what to pursue, please let me know.

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  2. AnthonyTheAbyss

    AnthonyTheAbyss Godzilla Size Member JDBA Official Member

    Next step up from the BM51? You have to be more specific in what you're looking for and price range.

    Flipping? EDC? Custom? Production only? Below $500?

    Example...IKBS. I would recommend a Korth Model X. But those run at about $1,000.
  3. worthless

    worthless worthless? Nah!

    There aren't many non benchmade knives out there with spring latches, and I've yet to handle any IKBS knives that were great flippers. If you really like G-10 and want a well balanced flipper... maybe a G10 Basilisk? Or eventually the BRS replicant (though AFAIK, there is no estimated release date for that yet).
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2013
  4. B1ade30

    B1ade30 Huge member

    I would recommend the microtech tachyon 2.
    It was my step up from my 51 and so far i love my tach,

    But it depends on what you are willing to pay and what your preferences are.
  5. StabMasterArson

    StabMasterArson Average member

    The 51BK was my first Bali as well, and while I still think it's a gorgeous knife I rarely reach for it unless it's to clean and oil it. I bought a 62 and a SmallFly next, and while (again) the 62 is a gorgeous knife it's far too heavy for me to flip. I actually flipped the SmallFly a lot more because, despite its size, it's a lot of fun to throw around without the cuts I'd get from the razor sharp 62.

    Once my PAB was delivered it pretty much put all other Bali plans on hold as it was everything I needed and beyond. The weight and balance is far better than the 51, at least for me, and the larger size and longer handles allow for easier (read: less bloody) manipulation than the 62.

    If I hadn't put down an early deposit on a PAB I probably would have bought a Tachyon 2, and I still think I might get one at some point. Recently my dream 47 came available so I picked it up, but between that and the AB there aren't a lot more Balis that I crave. I'd like a grail piece, something custom, Damascus and super-expensive, but as far as quality knives go I could have gone from the 51 to the PAB and been very happy.

    So I guess the above long-winded BS is a hearty recommendation for the Alpha Beast as your next Bali. It may not meet your exact requirements but I can say that I love mine and it almost made me forget my lust for other Balis, specifically the 47 that I initially told myself I no longer needed.

    Good luck whatever the choice, and of course good luck with the upcoming surgery.

    edit -

    Of course there's always this:


    Which is pretty damned mangnificent IMHO. :D
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  6. SlightChance

    SlightChance Miller's Maddness JDBA Official Member

    The alpha beast is a fun knife to play with. I use mine everyday.

    Other than that I would suggest going custom. You already have a flyfather which is fairly big bucks (and on bearings right?) so I feel like a custom piece of for roughly the same or a bit more is the way to go.

    Then again you could get a ton of cheap balisongs and just destroy them. I mean like flipping then throwing them, giving them away, just go on a rampage. Like some twists
  7. Livefreeordie92

    Livefreeordie92 Huge member

    Well the microtech metalmark has bearings and a spring latch. IMO its kind of ugly and I doubt it'd be comfortable to flip.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 18, 2013
  8. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Typically I am seeing three steps when it comes to the Forum owners of these knives and feedback. .

    BM 51
    Tach 2
    PAB or AB

    As flipping goes.

    Four if you count the old school BM 4X series. Personally I love the feel of flipping them , the channels have a specific feel/sound, and can hold their own against the top 2 flippers.

    I am not a advanced flipper, but I know what "I like"

    After that you are into a custom of sorts.
  9. TheBombGamerTag

    TheBombGamerTag BrokenBlades

    I suggest an Alpha Beast or custom.

    What is the price range that you are willing to spend?
  10. Mystik

    Mystik That's no ordinary rabbit! JDBA Official Member

    You already have a Benchmade 51, a Benchmade 42, and a Microtech Tachyon 2.

    I think another step up would be a Production Alpha Beast. :thumbsup:

    Unless you want to try something new? You could always sign up for customs if you want something tailored to your tastes.
  11. SlightChance

    SlightChance Miller's Maddness JDBA Official Member

    Speaking of the metalmark they have a bunch of aluminum ones. I am just not sure if that is such a good idea. I have been thinking about getting one and feel like titanium would be the best way to go.
  12. hummeroid

    hummeroid Little member

    Thanks to all for the responses so far! I have a couple of interesting leads I'll be chasing down from this thread (mainly waiting for replicant, and seeing if I could float enough for something like that basilisk...)

    In the meantime, I've got my fly father finally broken in and adjusted really well (once again, thanks Glenn!) and am enjoying it more each day!

    If you all think of any others let me know, I really had no idea about that replicant, somehow flew under my radar!
  13. Livefreeordie92

    Livefreeordie92 Huge member

    The tang pin will get dented to crap

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