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New York City?

underscoreMike Jun 9, 2011

  1. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    I received an invitation to interview for a position in New York, well.. New York!
    Either LaGuardia or JFK Int'l.

    I've been digging some research and it looks like I'm almost fucked both ways. Cost of living sucks for the most part. Then there's New Yorks famous traffic. How bad is it really? If I lived 20 minutes away from either airport do you think I should just ride a bike?
    Google Maps wants to say 20 minutes PLUS 30 minutes in traffic. :pissedevil: LAME. Anybody know much about mass transit via subway or buses?

    The opportunity seems to present itself well, guess I'll have to see what kind of salary they offer. I really hope this doesn't cause more issues than I bargained for.
  2. Komodo

    Komodo entertainment coordinator Brigade Member

    Is the job IN the city, or at the airport????

    If it's AT the airport, for JFK get a place either in Queens, or on Long Island. For LGA either Queens or the Bronx. Your travel time will be less than 30 minutes on most days. (much less if you live closer to the airport)

    As far as riding a bike to work.....:bwah: :ross: :bwah: :ross: :bwah: :ross:
    Same goes for mass transit.

    If the job is IN the city, mass transit is the way to go. (when I say "city", I mean Manhattan)

    The cost of living in the city (Manhattan) can be insane. You're much better off living in the outter boros (Bklyn, Queens, the Bronx) or on Long Island, and commuting.

    Also, depending where the job is at the airport, you might need a car to get there. Mass transit can get you to the airport, but it could still be five miles away from where you have to work.

    Good luck with the interview!
  3. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the good to know info! Yes the job is with American Eagle at either airport, I wont know which one until later today hopefully.
  4. Kraid

    Kraid Huge member

    Something to consider is that NYC is EXTREMELY knife unfriendly. At least until they figure out the lawsuit that Knife Rights hit them with this morning!
  5. Bruce

    Bruce New Jersey's *other* Bruce

    underscoreMike, Unless they're going to pay you a hell of a lot more money than you make in Florida, stay there. This is about the MOST EXPENSIVE area in the whole country to live! Check out EVERYTHING COMPLETELY before making a decision. :bruce:
  6. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    Link please!

    This is why I turn to you devils since your'e so close anyway!
    I'll be sure no question goes unanswered. Even if I have to ask the company how they plan to keep me on my feet in such expensive locations.
  7. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    Congratulations on the interview.
    I would focus more on the type of job and company before worrying about cost of living.
    Starting out in the airlines industry you are gonna have to pay your dues.
    If the company is highly regarded in your industry then it would be a good stepping stone to something better.

    If its just a job then you can always say no thanks after the interview.

    Interview as much as possible. It will tell you what your industry is looking for.

    Good luck.
  8. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    Nothing can be more true. Thanks alot! :manganr:

    I just got out of an interview with Granite, a subsidiary of GE.
    They do nothing involving aircraft but the job relates to what you would find in aircraft engines. So its around my preference. And they pay pretty hefty surprisingly..

    The anticipation is too much.
    I interviewed with a company in Virginia awhile ago.
    That specific interview was my best performance so far, period!
    I got an email this morning with an apologetic response.
    She said I'd get a response in two weeks and turned it into two months and I got the :devilfinger: !! FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  9. Zero Gravitas

    Zero Gravitas Huge member

    There's some good neighborhoods within 10 minutes drive of LGA; Whitestone/Bayside/North Flushing, even College Point has some nice places these days. Biking - It's going to be hard because the highways have sliced and separated the streets from LGA. But on a nice day it's do-able. I did such things in my 20's.

    Living in NYC is a great experience for somebody young, single and full of life. You don't have to be rich to have a great time here.

    Don't know about JFK, it's umm, really far away.

    Best of luck!!
  10. 50calmike

    50calmike 50 caliber Devil

    Have you looked into the Baltimore/ Washington area for aircraft work?, we have 3 major airports around here.
    Cost of living is very doable for a young single dude.
    Average rent in my county is around 1000/month, housing is okay too, average at 250K.
  11. Jnich67

    Jnich67 Average member

    JFK is on a subway line. I don't know about LGA. I can't imagine riding a bike around those airports - never mind the fact that many drivers are looking at signs and driving unfamiliar vehicles.

    If you're young, it could be a decent experience for a couple of years.

  12. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    I have not looked yet but I will be since that is the area I want to end up at.

    And then again it could be a great experience for ten years.
    Especially if a few family members follow me to this Big Apple.
  13. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I hate the city,,I go to MSG for concerts once and awile,,been muged with a gun to my head,,People from the city can pick you out of the crowd ( non city dewellers ) its just tooo busy for me,,,,if you had to go and didnt like the rat race NYC provides,,Just outside the city has some nicer and less expensive places to call home.

    Good luck
  14. Jnich67

    Jnich67 Average member

    You're right - I should have said "at least" for a couple of years. The outer boroughs - and I'm not too familiar with them - are a little different from Manhattan, which is what most people think of when they think of NYC. If you look around, you can find all kinds of neighborhoods. Come to think of it, that applies to Manhattan as well... If you're up for something different, go for it! Let us know what you decide.

  15. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    I think...

    your traffic questions will be answered best,by telling some New Yorkers here,which shift you'll be assigned to...

    Different traffic conditions,for different times of the day...right???
  16. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    If it were up to me, third shift.
    But when they tell me, I'll then know :madaddy:
  17. Poolshark

    Poolshark Captain America Brigade Member

    Good luck with your interview. I've heard if you can make it there you can make it anywhere!
  18. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    He'll make it. :semper:
  19. Liu Kang

    Liu Kang Dealer Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Don't anyone please take it personally but I hate NYC. You really can't or shouldn't have a car in NYC, there is just point. So you are at the mercy of the transit system and they shut down lots of the rails all the time so there is a lot of walking and being smart enough to reroute and taxi. I just don't think it's worth it. And that's not count the high taxes, rent and everything else. Then you spend an extra 2-4 hours commuting like 20 miles. It's just not worth it, I would stay where you are if that's an option.
  20. underscoreMike

    underscoreMike bart-2

    Seems as if I do have an option. Everett, WA?
    Although I will be flying into Dallas this afternoon and prepare for the NYC interview.
    This is indeed an exciting position to be in. Part of me says to take the job that's already been offered. The other part wants to be able to have a choice between the two.
    I think it has to do with my Dad being an American Airlines employee.
    Either way, time is closing in fast and I will have a new job before I know it.

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