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Need Help With PM Issues?

crogers Mar 4, 2019

  1. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I've noticed a few newer members (and maybe a few older ones) are having problems sending PMs (Or DMs, or Starting a Conversation, or whatever ya wants to call it... sending a discreet message) to other members. Well, in this iteration of the Mighty JerzeeDevil, it's called a "Conversation".

    I've seen a lot of people using the Profile Posts for things that often shouldn't be made public. You may not realize that profile posts are NOT private and can be viewed by anyone. PMs or Conversations ARE private and cannot be viewed by members unless they have been invited.

    Well, if you've been confused, here's how to do it!

    The simplest way is this...

    If you see the member that you desire to contact has posted in any thread, click on their user avatar, and a little window opens, like so...


    Then click on "Start a Conversation". A new page opens like this...


    The chosen member's user name is in the "Participants" space. You can also invite additional members into the same conversation, if you need to.

    One other thing, I have run into members that have their privacy settings set where you cannot start a conversation with them. When you click their avatar, the "Start a Conversation" clicky thingy is not there. In that case, I'm not sure if the following steps will work, but it would be worth a try.

    The other method is sort of similar, but works well IF you can't find a post by the member you wish to contact.

    Start out by clicking on "INBOX" in the upper right corner of the page, just under your user info.


    This opens a drop box...


    Then, click on "Start a New Conversation". This again opens a new page.

    Select the "Participants" block and start typing the member's name that you wish to "converse" with. Once you've typed a few letters, a drop down box will open with the member's names that start with those letters. You can then click on the member you desire and it will enter their name in the "Participants" spot. Add additional members if needed.


    Then, it get pretty self explanatory. Title your conversation, then enter the message. You have the same controls as if you were posting in any other thread. At the bottom, you can "Upload a File" if you'd like to add a picture to your conversation. "Preview..." will let you proofread your conversation for errors. You can select the "Allow" option so the other member can forward to another member, or "Lock" the conversation so it's limited to just the members that you originally invite.


    Finally, click the "Start a Conversation" button, and away it goes to your new friend!

    I hope this helps.
  2. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    It does now I am an example .:lafflol:
  3. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Every lesson needs both good, and bad, examples. :manganr:

    I was a really bad example since it's impossible to "Start a Conversation" with myself... at least on the JerzeeDevil. :bwah:
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  4. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    Excellent post!
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  5. Nick loves knives

    Nick loves knives Tiny Member


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