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Need Help With Picture Problems?

crogers Jun 22, 2018

  1. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    Maybe we should make this a sticky?

    Putting photos in threads and posts is one of the most common problems on the Mighty JerzeeDevil. I've written several times about different problems. I'm gonna try and address ALL the problems that I've encountered. Hopefully, you can find a solution to your problem somewhere in this thread.

    To avoid some confusion, I'm putting a different problem in each post. If you don't see your problem here, just scroll down and see if it's somewhere else.

    If you run into a problem that I'm not addressing here, give me a shout out, and I'll see if I can help, or maybe I just forgot to include it.... :shakie:
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  2. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    Attaching pics

    This is probably the simplest way to get a pic on the JD, click on "Upload a file"


    then, simply navigate to your chosen file, click on it, then select "Thumbnail" or "Full Image"


    Like the names imply, "Thumbnail" inserts a thumbnail in your post, that can be clicked on for the full sized image, while "Full Image" eliminates the extra click to see the big picture. Or, you can click "Delete" and the attachment goes away.

    Occasionally, well, MOSTLY, you'll get a "file too large" error message....


    Then ya gotta go to post #5 and check into resizing, or post #6 and use an image hosting site.

    Now, what if you think you might wanna use this pic in the future? Maybe, it'll be worth your time to upload it to the JD Gallery.
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  3. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    Loading photos to the JD Gallery

    Click the large "MEDIA" tab near the top of the page.


    If you hover your cursor over the MEDIA tab, there is also a small down arrow on that tab. It opens some "Media Quick Links".


    Click "Add Media"


    Or, there's a BIG RED "Add Media" button on the right side of the page!

    Now, you gotta make a choice... Do you want the "Holding Cell"? Or do you want to use an "Album"?

    For the holding cell... click on "A site catagory" radio button...


    then select "Holding Cell".


    To add to an album... click on "An Album" radio button...


    then, select the album that you wanna use, or click on "Create an album..."



    either way, click on the "Upload Image" button...


    then, simply select the file on your computer that you want to upload, then click the "Save Media" button...


    and you're done!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
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  4. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    Now, I've got my Media uploaded, what do I do with it?

    In your post, click the camera icon,


    then, select the pic to put in that thread, and you're done.

    EXCEPT... suppose you got a message telling you that your file exceeds the size limits, or you've reached your 50MB quota....

    Now, on to resizing images....
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
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  5. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    What if my pic is too big?

    Well, crap! What're we gonna do? That depends...

    If you're running Windoze, you already have a neat little program called "Paint". You can use that to resize your pic. Use "Paint" to open the image that you want resized....


    and click that "Resize" thingy that you see.

    That opens the resize window. Just set the percentages to reduce the pic, or use pixels (I don't care. I won't hold it against you either way!)


    Click OK and check to see if your pic is sufficiently small enough.

    Sometimes, by simply changing the file format (for example, from .png to .jpg) it will reduce the file size and you'll be able to upload the pic. Just click on "File", then "Save As..." and select the new format. That may take care of your problem.

    If you don't run Windoze, or if you're on a phone, there are a bunch of apps and programs that help you resize your images. Search around and you'll find something that works.

    If you look at my sig panel, you'll notice I have a rather large .gif file. It used to be a lot bigger, but most programs that resized .gif files also remove any animation that was there. My favorite site for animated .gif files is https://ezgif.com/

    Mr.LaBella pointed me to that site, THANKS Boss! It can resize your .gif files so they're smaller. It can also turn videos to .gif files and lots of other things. If you need something along those lines, check 'em out. I am not affiliated with them, nor do I receive anything in return for my recommendation. I just use them, and it works for me... YMMV!

    Now, all settled in? WTF? You don't wanna resize your pic? You might lose some quality?

    Well, let's try an image hosting website....
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  6. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    HooBoy! Image hosting sites.

    There are a load of these. Some of the most popular are Imgur, Photobucket, etc. Photobucket used to be the most popular, now they wanna get paid. Check around. There are still plenty of freebies out there.

    I use Imgur. No particular reason. I just found them, gave 'em a try, and stuck around. I've had an account with them for about 4 years, and have had very few problems. Anywho, here's how to post pics using a image host....

    Each site will be different, this is how it works on Imgur....

    from your host's site, select the image that you want on JD, click on it and this shows up....


    If you click that circled thingy, highlight the "Direct Link" text, then copy to your clipboard. Or, be ready to do a lot of typing....

    From the JerzeeDevil, click the little landscape icon...


    copy, or type, the direct link text in the dialogue box...

    then click "Insert" and then "Post Reply". Pretty simple. Wanna go easier, click on the "BBCode"...

    it already has the [ img] tags, so just copy and paste into your post. You won't even need to use the landscape icon!

    Note here... IF you're trying to include a .gif format image, make sure to use the "Original GIF Link"

    'cause the "Direct Link" is a .gifv format that is not compatible with the Mighty JD. Sometimes, the .gif file won't be animated. I don't have a clue what to do about that.....

    Again, you can shortcut the whole thing and use the "BBCode" that has the image tags already.

    'cause I know you wanna look again! :madaddy:
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
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  7. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    It really is FRUSTRATING!! I've been watching for 20 minutes! :madaddy:

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