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My Small Collection! (Also, looking for my next knife)

impes Jun 12, 2018

  1. impes

    impes I am a lurker and need to introduce myself!

    Hey JD! Making this post to show you guys my current (small) collection, and get some recommendations on where I should turn for my next flipper. I'm not really into collecting, I flip all my knives, and don't want a safe queen. Knives I'm split between at the moment is a BM51 with EDC or Flytanium scales. Mainly because it'd be something different from what I'm used to, shorter handles, neutral balance, thin and round. my other option is going all in for a Ti or CF Basilisk. Anyone who may have some good input on what I should try to pick up next, let me know, it'd be much appreciated! Now on to my collection.

    I keep them all in this BRS case I bought from KZ at BladeShow this year, even got him to sign it.


    BRS Premium Replicant: I'd say this is my most flipped knife, I've owned this one the longest. Chipped the
    hell out of the tip. It's taken many falls on concrete, and the G10 is still holding up, still looks beautiful to me.
    Great feeling knife.


    BRS Premium 3.0 Alpha Beast: My favorite knife overall, and my EDC. Something about the full Ti handles and tang pins is just where its at for me. Love the factory anodizing. This knife as well has taken a good bit of concrete drops, tip is still in tact surprisingly. It's starting to get a really good look with its scratches and scuffs. something doesn't look right with a mint AB, in my opinion.

    My BRS knives together: [​IMG]

    Aaaaand my most recent purchases, a Squidtrainer V2.5, and Squiddy I bought from Lucas (Squidmaster) at Bladeshow. Wasn't really into the idea of trainers, but flipped these, and they're way too much fun to flip. I couldn't pass it up. The Squidtrainer flips great for the money, channel construction feels awesome, sounds sick, all around fun balisong.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Couple bonus pictures

    My old 51 that I shouldn't have sold

    I appreciate you guys, the balisong community is full of really awesome people. Keep em flipping!
  2. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fire and Blood JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Great knives. Thanks for sharing.
    impes likes this.
  3. laughingbuddha

    laughingbuddha JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    If you want some ideas on what to get next.. here's a few.

    Palethius is doing another small drop on his Kukri BC. Probably about a month or so out.

    Biegler Bladeworks makes a mean looking Bali.


    Jerry Hom is doing another run of CF Basilisk R.
    He's also going to release another Bali. Here's the proto.

    Then of course there's this to look forward to from BRS


    Better start saving your $$$
  4. AnthonyTheAbyss

    AnthonyTheAbyss Godzilla Size Member JDBA Official Member


    ***Full disclosure...I have a BM51 bias:animal:

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