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My new balisong sheath

ltcraftsman Oct 21, 2019

  1. ltcraftsman

    ltcraftsman Tiny Member

    D31464CF-6442-4C93-90DA-F7A754C0A2D6.jpeg 004CFB87-51F7-4FA7-90A5-BE0179FDF095.jpeg 55720BD8-A35D-4229-9C08-29910F7E91D0.jpeg BA87C7D6-1305-4B2D-A88B-CBD8CFE47A50.jpeg this is my own design for a strong man with hanya and lotus ideal, A combination of water and fire. Carving on vegetable-tanned leather from italy. And clip is strong It is not afraid to lose the balisong. The edge is handled by knitting leather cord
    Thank for watching!!!
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