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My First Hinderer: <The Nieves>

Blurred Memories Jun 14, 2019

  1. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories Little Member

    The Nieves, Opines and Issues Found, a Review of Sorts.

    This is my first Hinderer Knife. I opted for regular stonewash. (Click Here for Stats and Pics)

    --- Finish: awesome, very smooth and slick, feels almost polished, like a metallic paint job.

    --- Blade: my first spanto (wtf is a spanto), and I like it, profile is appealing, has a little extra girth at the tip (giggity), and can still be comfortably used in the kitchen.

    --- Comfort: everything is flat and hard angled but has little micro radius or chamfer or at least just knocked the burrs off, nothing here other than the blade seems to want to cut me.

    --- Fit: latch is a little sticky but has improved its free swinging a small percentage with use. Its a little tricky here when considering the pivots, mine came with alot more play than I usually allow, so of course I tried to tighten, couldn't so tried to loosen, everything came apart ok, but the bushings were actually fused to the pivot barrels, and had to be pried / twisted off.

    When assembling, everything just locked back down on the bushings so they basically become the pivots, handle slop was still the same. Though I don't like slop, the saving grace is at least the slop is symmetrical.

    I haven't tried modding anything but something like this "might" be remedied by shortening the bushing a tad, the problem could instead or also be tolerances of bushing OD to pivot hole ID. Easiest in my opinion to make it official and just decide: "Ok, this knife has play."

    --- balance: I'm no expert but feels good enough to me, easily does index and thumb rollovers in both directions, and does chaplains. It might be good at aerials; I tried one, cut myself, moved on to something else. does fanning really good on safe handle, bite handle is too short for my hand size to avoid the latch.

    ---sound: a cacophony of muted rattles, blade rub, blade tap(even when open?!), bushing tap? I dunno man this thing just sounds like your jiggling some erector set abortion you made when you were 5. after sticking with it for a couple of days I enjoy it.. but swapping immediately from a tightly tuned bell ringing channel bearing bali, this thing sounds gross for a while.

    --- feel: similar to the sounds, once accustomed to it, it feels good, the weight is good, balance is good, texture is good. but again if you're moving directly from something more high precision, this feels like hot garbage for a a little bit because all those extra vibrations and collisions, you not only hear, but feel. Most importantly though, It is fast as hell! Zero drag on washers. Zero drag on bushings. Swings for days.

    --- handle styling: What can i say, WOW! So generic, but I love that shit. Flash definitely has it's place, but give me that industrial machine I'm here to work not look pretty kinda vibe any day. And maybe I'm just a positive conspiracy theorist, but this kinda seems like those Japanese cars they sell cheaper with steel wheels and no radio intended for the tuner market, and, um, it's compatible with the ole universal custom hinder accessory library. so there's that... 4 pocket clip tab fillers?! wtf mode!

    Overall I really like it, and would recommend it to anyone who either doesn't care, or prefers moderate handle play, because this one's play is not excessive, and it's pretty much locked in so it actually seems precise and intentional, Plus it's a Hinderer, so, and I'm just 100% making this up right now, It's more likely to always be in stock!

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  2. Gamestyleofice

    Gamestyleofice Little member

    Same here. My first hinderer. I opted for the same finish too. I tell you what, I do enjoy flipping the knife. It's fun, it's different, and the more I get used to its quirks the more I like it. Its balance is very hard to explain though. Compared to the AB It's slightly more rear bias, a little less weight at the tip of the blade, and a tad more pivot heavy causing this knife to be a tad more floaty when doing aerials. There's also a little less bounce from the gang pins. And all that noise is definitely coming from the latch. It's a must remove latch. My main gripe though is that those horns will pinch you if your not used flipping with horns. Especially if you flip to close to the pivot. I definitely got pinched a few times in the beginning until I got used to It. Other than that I have no other complaints. It's built solid in typical hinderer fashion. It was definitely designed with flipping in mind. And I appreciate that.
  3. VashHash

    VashHash JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I oiled the pivots and the latch. Made it feel a lot better and made the latch quiet. Definitely a fun flipper though. I'd probably get thicker washers and sand them down if I wanted to eliminate the side to side. Did you actually take it apart and see the bushings?
    Gamestyleofice likes this.
  4. Gamestyleofice

    Gamestyleofice Little member

    Yeah definitely a fun flipper. I cant stop flipping mine. Haven't put it down.
    apdallaround likes this.
  5. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab Pakal I JDBA Official Member

    After days of flipping and carry I had the safe handle pivot come loose. It didn’t look loctited at all. Bite handle is still very tight so maybe they missed my safe handle.

    I think there is some overall play around the bushings. Thicker washers or a pivot lap job may help or may prove the bushings have diameter play.

    This thing has a bunch of middle to it. Probably because there aren’t holes around the finger heavy area of handles. The momentum is floaty for some things. Handle length and thickness are excellent though. At 4.6 even with some float it is still easy to move.

    Def pinches when real close to pivots.

    $410 is kinda iffy but it performs well and you won’t be let down.

    If this bali was $390 or a tad cheaper I would say it is by far the best underdog of the year.
  6. TheronJ

    TheronJ JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I agree with all of these things with the exception of the statement of it being more rear biased than an AB. That's definitely not the case.
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  7. STi489

    STi489 Little member

    Would you say it's more nuetral?
  8. TheronJ

    TheronJ JDBA4L JDBA Official Member


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