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My criteria for knife choices

Charlie Mike Mar 24, 2015

  1. Charlie Mike

    Charlie Mike paranoid nutjob Brigade Member

    Since I've come to realize that I'm not a collector... I now own less than 10 knives, not counting pending projects.


    I'd be interested in knowing how some of you base your purchases.
  2. test2oob

    test2oob The Collector JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Since i haven't come to that realization (but praying i can at some point. My wife thinks I'm there now so...)

    I don't have one already and is a area I collect or don't collect already (helps keep my options open)
    I like the looks of it
    Its well made
    History behind it and the maker (vintage, unique, new, custom)
    What is it used it for (EDC, Melon Tester, Cotton Sampler, Hobo knife, whittling, general cutting, camping/survival appocalypse?)
    My obsessive feeling that I must have it
    Got it dirt cheap and its worth a lot more

    I think that covers the major reasons :unintroduced:
  3. tdg2100

    tdg2100 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I've got around 100 knives, but I don't really consider myself a collector. They have all been used at one point or another. I just keep acquiring them.

    My only real criteria is that I refuse to spend so much money that I would be afraid to use it. So far that high end has been a couple of Microtechs and a Bm67.

    I also like to buy a product made in the USA. I like to have a lifetime warranty. (I love Kershaw for their warranty. Can't count how many Leeks I've sent back under their warranty)

    I get sucked into the bladehq exclusives a lot too. If I'm on the fence about something, AND there is a bhq exclusive version it will usually sway me.
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  4. Gaston444

    Gaston444 Little member

    Edge thickness at the top of the edge bevel on a fixed blade: On fixed blade knives I like 0.5 mm. That pretty much limits me to Randall and some discontinued old Al Mars, like the "Special Warfare".

    I find I can't just spend weeks thinning the edge bevel anymore... 10° per side is where real sharpness begins...


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