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My 8" chef knife

Matthew Gregory Aug 4, 2015

  1. Matthew Gregory

    Matthew Gregory knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    ...well, not actually my chef knife, as just like every other knife that's supposed to be mine, it's invariably sold to someone that's likely going to appreciate it even more than I would, and better still it forces me to continue striving for "the next one".

    Anyway, I've been making this style for several months, and with a bunch of them out in the field, feedback has been spectacular. The first few went to my troop of Hardcore Curmudgeonly Critical Bastards, and the results were way beyond my expectations. The profile and handle lend themselves to a variety of comfortable grips, the blades are fully distally tapered, the point is very pointy and useful, and the last inch or so at the heel is flat to allow complete cuts on the rock or chop.

    Steel so far has been .098" AEB-L, heat treated using my own recipe including extended cryogenic treatment, and a highly polished edge that seems to last and last. I'm experimenting with other steels, but AEB-L has been the winner, so far.

    I'm using a machine satin finish on these to reduce 'sticktion', with an almost impossibly small amount of convexing. The edges are ground to .004" previous to sharpening.

    Here's a few examples, and you can see a few detail changes as the profile and grind evolved:

    Spalted Curly Maple:

    A straight handled iteration in red G10:

    Curly Honduran Mahogany and a modified heel:

    Hawaiian Koa:

    Curly Claro Walnut with yet another heel variation:

    The most figured olive wood I've ever seen - curls, even!

    Goncalo Alves - one of my personal favorites. Understated, but tasteful:

    My most recent one, for a good friend, in his favorite Magic Curly Claro Walnut:

    Knuckle clearance is increased with a delicately upturned handle. I've expanded on this basic premise with a version I'm calling my 'PLB' model. I never name knives. Just something I don't do. This one, however, is different. A good friend with a background in culinary arts as well as knifemaking was critical of my design, stating that there's never enough knuckle clearance. I, personally, feel this is absurd, but in an effort to try to 'see the other side' I made one with his input, and sure enough it's great. Almost identical in all other respects, the Pudgy Lil Buddy model features an additional 3/8" height at the heel, for those insistent on more air betwixt their hands and the cutting board. I must admit, I like the change, but I'm not above having my revenge by naming it after my waistline-challenged pal. ;):D

    PLB in Figured Tzalam - holy shit this wood is gorgeous. My photo does it NO justice. Almost a perfect cross between black walnut and koa, with chocolate mixed with oranges and tangerines in the chatoyance:

    PLB in Thuya Burl, with reduced dimensions handle:

    With any luck I'll have a couple done soon to offer for sale. So far, almost every one of these has been spoken for before getting a chance to post them. I don't take orders, but I do keep lists of interested buyers. Email me - sometimes hearing what someone wants influences WHAT I end up making, without even knowing it did until it's done and I look through my list!

    Thanks for looking, gang.

    Apologies to LaBella. I haven't been on here in ages, and the stark truth is I have no excuse other than that I just suck. You're a good egg, bud, and you deserve better.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2015
  2. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    Looking real good!

    You're alright! And thanks for sharing, keep it up!

  3. C-Bear

    C-Bear Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I'm loving the pudgy li'l bastard with the reduced handle. Where is the balance point on this?

    If you can add me to your list of interested ones!
  4. mag1

    mag1 No More Mr. Nice Guy Brigade Member

    nice, your treating them yourself?
  5. Donnie B.

    Donnie B. JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Beautiful stuff.
  6. Matthew Gregory

    Matthew Gregory knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Sorry for the REAALLY late reply - just found the email notification for this in my SPAM folder. Wtf!!!

    I do all processes in-house. Everything I make is by hand, freehand, from raw materials. No jigs, guides or work rests are used. Heat treatment, including cryogenics when necessary, are done by me.

    Point of balance on almost all of these is right at the index finger. I normally make thick handles that taper toward the front, which helps provide for a very neutral balance.

    I'll definitely add you to the list, bud!

    Thanks, gang.
  7. KAZ2

    KAZ2 Huge member

    Your knives made me CRAZY! I would find a stunning handle, and then scroll down and lock on to the next one, and so on :thumbsup:

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