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"Mule-skinner" period RR spike knife

J. Neilson Apr 26, 2010

  1. J. Neilson

    J. Neilson Caught in the Mosh Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Hello all,
    Here is another in a series of knife/sheath combinations done with period sheath-maker John Cohea. A railroad spike knife but, with a bit of a twist to the idea. I hope you like it.
    Thanks again,

    ~~~ also, I have John's "Basic Rawhide Sheath Construction" DVD available as well. Check the "knives" page on my site,
    on the bottom of the page you'll see the link in my "For Your Shop" section.~~~


    This sweeping skinner is forged from a high carbon steel Railroad Spike. The handle is twisted and acid soaked, leaving a nice forge finish to contrast the highly polished rises and spike head. The blade itself has a satin finish. The knife is 8 1/4" overall length with a 4 1/4" cutting edge. The knife comes with a Rawhide-period sheath by John Cohea with fringe, beads & cones, copper spots and a belt loop.


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  2. Dillon Brock

    Dillon Brock strawboss

    That is damn nice MR.Neilson!:thumbsup:
  3. RoadFish

    RoadFish Cathar Knight

    I like it! Kind of the Nessmuk, Ulu, Union Pacific look! Seriously, a beauty.

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