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More fun with Ball-bearings!

J. Neilson Apr 16, 2014

  1. J. Neilson

    J. Neilson Caught in the Mosh Knife Maker or Craftsman

    My 52100 ball-bearing damascus still seems to be one of my most popular steels and I keep playing with different ideas folks give me. Hope you like them.

    Here is one of my BUK knives in BB damascus with Black G-10 handle scales and a matching Kydex sheath.

    Here is a Stag Crown Bowie with a wrought iron oval guard and laminate damascus throat, as well as a nice hamon/quench line.

    Here is one of my "Fancy" Clip-point Hunter knives in Desert Ironwood Burl and a throat of stabilized Giraffe bone.

    Here's one of my Mini Neck/Push Daggers (flat backed) with handle scales of Westinghouse Micarta and a matching tan Kydex neck sheath.

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