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Missed out on a Krake Raken .....

GuItArMaN8373 Jul 16, 2021

  1. GuItArMaN8373

    GuItArMaN8373 JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Wanted to give one a try and the drop was today on Blade HQ.

    Refreshed until drop was released and I was moving through checkout as fast as possible until their server completed fucked up. When the server finally caught back up, it said they were out of stock.

    If it was an issue on my end and my internet was slow garbage, I'd accept the defeat. But when it's server issues on their end, just pisses me off.

    How often are these things released anyway? Looked like 4 of each of the 4 variants. Talk about limited.
  2. TriChrome

    TriChrome Little member

    Are you talking about live blade versions I assume? Squid directly drops the trainers once every two weeks or so (or it seems like that since I signed-up for their newsletters recently... had drops 2x times in the last 3x weeks I think so decently regularly).

    Squid has a totally separate website for the live blade versions fyi - maybe because of some legal reasons??? and there seems to be no way to get notifications from that site.

    In the couple months I've been following I've never seen a live blade drop announced, or I'm just out of the loop and didn't sign-up for the right notification(s). But I DID have one (live blade) in my cart on either BladeHQ or Knife Center (which I found randomly... or maybe somebody posted about it on the #BalisongSale Instagram) which I hesitated on and it sold out maybe 4 hours later... so that was a pretty large window of time to be honest and it was just me being indecisive (MAJOR turn off for me is the blade steel they use being from like 1915... and aluminum handles... just couldn't get past that and passed on the knife... they DO however flip pretty amazingly if my trainer from them is any indication...).
  3. GuItArMaN8373

    GuItArMaN8373 JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Yeah it's the live version.

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