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Mini Mill / Mini Lathe?

wes Mar 4, 2018

  1. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I am considering purchasing a mini mill or mini lathe to start learning a bit of machining. For the mill at least, I would want CNC potential later. On the short list are the Sherline and Taig products.

    Not quite sure what I would be making but I am thinking brass lanyard beads, pens, and kubatons if I go with a lathe and small knife, bicycle, and motorcycle parts if mill. The CNC part would be to try to interest my son in machining and give him an opportunity to explore manufacture at an early age.

    While I have considered 3D printers, I don't think they are quite ready for prime time yet. I also want to machine things!

    I won't have huge amounts of room so smaller is better in this case. For the foreseeable future, mini is the only way.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
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  2. Tim Musselman

    Tim Musselman Little member

    Have a look at LittleMachineShop.com they have lots of info. I have a heavily modified HF mini mill that I use quite a bit also have and old HF mini lathe that doesn't get quite as much use for light work the are fine.
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  3. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

  4. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade LUC4 JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I have a grizzly lathe for wood turning and it's good for a begginer.
    Last I looked at milling, either it was too expensive, or the quality wasn't there
  5. blackmetal1181

    blackmetal1181 The Devils Knifemaker JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I just picked up a little machine shop mini mill its basically a suped up version of hf mini mill and can be cnc equipped can do ti just takes forever but it does work for a low price here is my first project with it, no cnc no dro(digital read out) thats next IMG_20180924_190952.jpg
  6. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Well, I have a Taig metal lathe now. It's fun to find little chips of metal in the toes. Most common comment when using it now is, "How the fuck did I do that?" Neat little machine that far surpassing anything I am capable of as of yet.

    Next step, making them there brass lanyard beads to sell to buy more metal!

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