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Microtech ultratech real stiff.

mongrelsoldier Dec 19, 2019

  1. mongrelsoldier

    mongrelsoldier Little member

    Hey all. I lucked out yesterday. Buddy found an ultratech and gifted it to me. All the videos I'm watching, people are opening and closing it with ease. I've tried shooting it up with rem oil to no avail. I need two hands to close it. Im really not enjoying this knife. Anything else i might try?
  2. RexRippin

    RexRippin Little Member

    I can’t think of anything else to try. You could send it back to microtech if it’s an authentic product. They’ll take care of you I’m sure. Generally speaking OTF’s are pretty easy to operate.
  3. Scott Meers

    Scott Meers Little Member

    Spray it out with zippo or Ronsonol lighter fluid. Might just be gunked up and the oil will just make it worse. The lighter fluid will clean out the internals and leave a light coating to slick the action up. This is the only method I have used on mine and the action fires open and closed cleanly one handed.
  4. mongrelsoldier

    mongrelsoldier Little member

    Ill have to give that a shot. Also got a return number. Thanks guys!
  5. Brian_W204

    Brian_W204 Enormous member

    Microtechs don't generally close harder because they have gunk in them unless there's so much in there that it keeps the button from sliding all the way to one side. It's possible, not very likely.

    Some of the problem might be just that you're not accustom to using those muscles in your thumb. If you rotate the knife in your hand and hook your thumb over the button and pull it back, it will be a lot easier.

    Oil can help a little. To oil the right place do this: with the blade deployed and pointing straight up, put 1 drop of Rem-Oil on the spine side of the blade right where it comes out of the handle on the button side. Let the drop run down for a couple minutes. That will get it where it needs to be. Retract and deploy the blade a couple times and see if it helps. If you put a bunch of oil in there already, you really do a flush with lighter fluid to get the oil out or you'll have problems down the line.

    If it's still really hard after oiling and changing how you hold it when you retract the blade, then the problem is most likely the machining on the blade tang where the forward sear touches it. All it needs a little bit of polishing and maybe a very slight rounding on the corner. I recall this was a common problem with Ultratechs made in 2012-2014. I'm not sure about other years.
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