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Microtech sale

Psilocyben Apr 18, 2020

  1. Psilocyben

    Psilocyben Tiny Member

    I’ve got a few things up for sale here:
    First up is a 2020 microtech tactical ultratech which is new in the box. I’ve only fired it maybe five times and i was impressed with the quality versus the other more recent production models I’ve handled lately. I’m asking $250.

    next up is a microtech metalmark
    I picked this up sometime in the end of last year from Arizona custom knives. Great condition, light wear from opening and closing on the latch area. It doesn’t come with a box or anything.
    I’m asking for $200

    Next I have a 2014 half serrated executive scarab which is in used condition only showing this by the couple scratches on the body. Great knife, I wouldn’t be selling it if i hadn’t of picked up an older model. No box or docs on this one either.
    Asking $550

    And finally I’ve got two microtech tachyons 3s
    One venom themed tachyon new in box, and then one black widow themed tachyon that is used condition because the paints on the screws is wearing off from adjusting them.
    Asking $350 on the venom and $300 on the black widow.

    I can accept PayPal, zelle, and cash app.

    will ship USPS priority on my dime, or will ship fedex/ups on yours.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2020
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  2. Peter Arnold

    Peter Arnold Tiny Member

    Are the Tach 3's Al or Ti?
  3. bnutter

    bnutter Tiny Member

    Aluminum. Only the custom tach 3's are Ti
  4. Peter Arnold

    Peter Arnold Tiny Member

    Ah, okay. Thanks!
    bnutter likes this.
  5. OccamsRazor

    OccamsRazor Little member

    Interested in the 2020 Ultratech Tactical, please PM me.
  6. Rschafer56

    Rschafer56 Tiny Member

    I’d like that tachyon 3 venom if you still have it

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