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Mega Want List Compilation- Case XX/ Red Microtechs / Marfione / Daggers please look

4collect Mar 6, 2018

  1. 4collect

    4collect Tiny Member

    I love finding knives for people and I love trading

    With that said I hope all of you have a wanted list to compile and feel free to let me know. I see a lot, buy a lot and love finding even more!!

    I will update this list and will also provide a list of trader knives.

    I mainly own case xx and microtechs

    Without further ado : reference photos attached

    Knives wanted

    In order of importance

    Fixed blades
    Such as:
    Marfione Interceptor

    Lile Rambo / Randall Bowie Dagger fighter Knives

    Gerber mark 2 and alike / trench knives

    Major makers Bowies/daggers/trench

    Preferred with sawtooth spines

    Microtech element

    Red microtech OTF’s

    Case XX true redbone cheetah (pre 65)

    Case XX bright red or pretty redbone 1970 All Patterns Wanted (other years in 70’s possible)

    Case XX Cheetahs - all years

    Marfione OTF’s - heavy handle pieces (brass, ally etc) RoyAlloy
    766F7C13-29D8-427F-BD68-08EB33A11D31.jpeg 18E6BA51-5605-4454-89E4-682DCECF76CC.jpeg 07F4C94A-85EE-4D3A-BA3B-3988FA851569.jpeg 4C9CAD60-1E59-4C6D-90FD-F833FB7546B6.jpeg
  2. 4collect

    4collect Tiny Member

  3. 4collect

    4collect Tiny Member

    Send me PM please for fastest response time.
  4. 4collect

    4collect Tiny Member

    4 knives bought on list so far!!!

    Contact me please, very serious!
  5. frosty_peter

    frosty_peter Huge member

    I know a guy that wants to sell his (2007) Marfione custom HALO 2.3
    It's never used and thus in pristine condition.
    PM me if interested.

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