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  1. seandavid55

    seandavid55 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Trying to play out of my league and need help with funds. Will probably add a thing or two to this if I can narrow it down.

    Prices include shipping USPS. Payment via PayPal.

    Here's what we have so far:

    JK Emmisarry #022

    4.9 Oz, 10.125" OAL, 4.25" blade edge
    Bushings with PB washers, Timascus floating backspacers and stainless vines & roses Damascus.

    Condition is 10/10. Truly is a beauty.


    20201215_175929_copy_1024x768.jpg 20201215_175824_copy_1024x1365.jpg 20201215_180018_copy_1024x768.jpg 20201215_175909_copy_1024x768.jpg

    Let's try this one again.

    Medford Micro Praetorian

    D2 blade. Got this from Jon Sorenson who added the choir. Its a small beefy knife. This one was a user. If you need more pictures let me know.



    20201215_180851_copy_1024x768.jpg 20201215_180738_copy_1024x1365.jpg 20201215_180639_copy_1024x768.jpg 20201215_180426_copy_1024x768.jpg 20201215_180454_copy_1024x768.jpg

    Thanks Devils

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