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Medford Praetorian G & 187DPT, A. frederick VBSS Pearce, EKI Super CDR

ronrod71 Mar 3, 2016

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  1. ronrod71

    ronrod71 Level: True Devil

    I have a new in the factory box Medford Praetorian G with ACU scale D2 black oxide blade $500; a carried but like new Medford 187DPT with OD Green scale $305 shipped, Aaron Frederick VBSS Pearce folder with reground tip and custom moon scales $300 OBO and a like New in the box Emerson 2012 Super Commander (it has a scratch on the right side of the blade) $300 OBO
    I will consider Firearms trades, a Medford Marauder or Hinder XM-24 Spanto folder in trade; I am NOT going to consider multiple knives in trade and will not respond to low ball or ridiculous offers. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail with tracking the following business day after payment.

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  2. OWNE

    OWNE Little member

    Trade for Colonial?

    Hello, I've got a Medford Colonial T I'd like to trade for the Praetorian G. I'm the second owner of this knife, it has been carried twice by me. I've never cut anything aside from paper once or twice. The Colonial is like new with Pelican case, papers, dog tags, etc. If you'd like I can send pictures or give you more info. Thanks.
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