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Master of Subtraction

namor Sep 28, 2010

  1. namor

    namor Huge member

    Here is one of Tom Maringer's Vorpal designs, the Vorpal 2B. It was brought to life by Bobby Branton during those years when Tom was not making knives and had licensed Bobby to make them. Having owned a few of Tom's knives, too, I can assure you that Bobby's version is both expertly crafted, and very faithful to the original.

    At first glance, it may seem a bit plain. But upon examination, you quickly realize Tom figured out exactly what needed to be removed for the 1/4" stock to make a wonderful offensive weapon. Double hollow ground lower edge and sharpened upper half edge come together in a narrow harmony. He allows the thick stock to carry out nearly 1/2 the way out on the blade to ensure both the strength and the mass to make a deep and straight penetration without leaving anything to create a drag. The handles are equally well thought out for its primary method of presentment, popped out of a clamshell under the arm, the handle is sure but without an angle or sharp edge to snag on its way out.

    This is not a 'utility/field knife' sort of tactical blade. Its an offensive knife made to be slightly smaller than the original Vorpal for those times when the bigger knife might be too obvious. Nothing has been left on it that is unnecessary - the perfection of subtraction.
  2. Napo619

    Napo619 Huge member

    Wow.. I love this...

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