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Maker Articles.

Les Robertson May 10, 2011

  1. Les Robertson

    Les Robertson Guru of Steel Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Ok I have been reading through the other thread. Lets do some clarification (my fault for not doing this before).

    My marching orders for my column in KI are to explain to the readers "WHY" they should by this makers knives.

    In KI I have a column every issue. This column is to be written from my view point as to why I would buy custom knives from a particular custom knife maker.

    Now before I buy custom knives from makers I do my home work....due diligence on behalf of my clients if you will. Subsequently, in addition to the maker being talented...the should also have some business acumen.

    The truth is that the competition is very fierce in the market. There are a lot of very talented makers in every market segment. So what separates them from their piers...why should knives be purchased from them instead of another maker?

    Here are some basics:

    Why you (and the maker can join in) feel they should be considered for an article. Lets go with 3 reasons. This will eliminate the (they rock, cool dude, etc.)

    1) The maker has to have at least 3 knives that are professionally photographed....no photos...no articles. Magazines rule not mine.

    2) The maker has to be able to be accessible by email. No email (minimum) no article. If the readers can't get in touch with them there is no reason to do an article on them.

    3) Some basic homework on your part...a little "Google Fu" if you will. Example...if their knives are consistently selling for less money in the aftermarket than their primary price. There is something wrong. This is where the business acumen comes in.

    While I don't mind doing article's on "hobby" makers I would prefer makers who consider themselves at least "part-time"...say 40 knives a year and that they preferably attend a show...where they set up at...not merely walk around.

    Oh, and if you recommend a maker...please attach photos to your post or send me photos customknives@comcast.net

    Im looking forward to your recommendations.
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