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Lum-Tec Combat B6

Sheriff880 Jun 11, 2017

  1. Sheriff880

    Sheriff880 Little member


    For sale is a Lum-Tec Combat B6.

    I hunted forever for one and ended up with two. Now something else has caught my eye, so you know how it goes.

    Comes complete with rubber dive style strap, maratac, and third party nato straps. Includes original box, paperwork/ documents, and warranty card.

    I also found an additional brand new foliage green 3-ring Zulu strap I'll add.

    This Lum-Tec Combat B6 is a user. The watch over all is in good condition, but does show wear. It is fresh back from service at Lum-Tec, however, shortly after I received the watch the date function stopped cycling. I'm sure Lum-Tec could easily address this, but it didn't bother me enough to send it back.

    It is priced accordingly with the above in mind.

    $350 shipped, paypal, net to me. USPS Priority with insurance.


    IMG_6930.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
    IMG_6354.JPG IMG_6356.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
  2. Sheriff880

    Sheriff880 Little member

    Price drop

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