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  1. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle Huge member

    Today I was heading to our classroom area to teach one of my many therapy classes to the inmates. On my way there, I heard a call come over the air on the radio, "All Call, All Call! Secure the institution immediately! The Incident Commander is Captain XXXXXXX!"

    Instantly, the dynamic of the prison changed. Staff began herding inmates back to cell blocks. People were scurrying everywhere as I about-faced and headed back to my cell block to help in securing it.

    Several officers passed me, moving very quickly; they were on our Immediate Responder Team roster for the day. I recalled training several of them over the past years. Each day, a roster is made up for IRT, and several dozen officers are assigned to Alpha and Bravo Teams in the event of an emergency, in which they report to a designated area and suit up for Riot Control (hence, Immediate Responders).

    I got onto the cell block, threw my stuff into my office/cell and proceeded to help secure every inmate into his respective cell. No one knew whether or not this was a drill. Given the time of day and the speed at which the officers moved, most of us figured that something had actually happened, because we were in the middle of a mass line movement, and they usually don't hold drills at such a hectic time.

    The prison where I work holds around 4,000 inmates. We secured the entire prison and managed to suit up the Immediate Responder squads in nine minutes, forty-eight seconds! And that happened during a mass line movement when nearly every inmate in the prison was going to school, work, religious services, classes, etc..

    A few less experienced people asked me if that was a good or bad time. I was shocked that they didn't know. I told them it wasn't just good. Or even great. It was beyond stellar. Damn near Guinnes Book of World Record material.

    It's difficult to explain the feeling of going into a complete, instant lockdown, when everything goes perfectly and very quickly. It's like being involved in the winning play of the Super-Bowl, only better because of the hostile conditions.

    It turned out to be a drill. Inspectors from Central Office had conducted a surprise visit, walked up to our captain and said, "Let's see how quickly you can lock it down." They'd picked the worst possible minute of the day, and we totally aced it. No pre-planning, no preparation at all. We just went into relex mode and kicked ass.

    The only time that our institution ever experiences harmony among staff, and teamwork is when something hits the fan. For the most part, we're the most experienced with "It" hitting the fan, because it happens here the most. Today most of us assumed that "It" had, indeed, hit the oscillating unit and we reacted accordingly.

    I've done this many, many times also when it wasn't a drill, in situations ranging from fights/stabbings to riots.

    When I realized how great we'd performed, it gave me goosebumps. Every now and then, just on rare occasions, I like my job.
  2. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Cool story.

    Great time, btw. Congrats.
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  3. Oliver Mendl

    Oliver Mendl Black Forest Devil


    damn glad to hear that there are also moments we're everything works out great!!

  4. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle Huge member

    Yeah, every once in a great while things go well. It happens once every year or two.
  5. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle Huge member

    To the person who hit me with negative rep points and called me a whiny bitch without leaving your name (real brave of you):

    You are a keyboard commando without the balls to face anyone. You think I give two shits about negative rep points? If that's the best you can do, you need to hang up your man card, 'cause it didn't even scratch the surface of my skin, pal.

    Everyone else, thanks for your positve comments and support.
  6. Kinnear Knife

    Kinnear Knife Huge member

    Ah yes...

    The good old days of "Code ----, Code ----" .

    I used to love it when something went down at shift change... you'd get everybody in the muster room plus the first responders filling the unit. Bad timing on inmate's part. :devilzeek

    Keep safe and have a good one!
  7. travistheone

    travistheone Huge member

    Aye Jim.
  8. MarieLaveau

    MarieLaveau Pistol Packin' Mama Lady Devil

    One of my oldest and dearest girlfriends is a corrections officer in FL, ex-army gal. She and her daughter came up for a visit not long ago, and she entertained us with some WILD stories, including some about lock-downs. I can't imagine the tension. :devilzeek
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  9. Katwyld

    Katwyld Devil Doll Lady Devil

    Someone red repped you on a 6 month old thread to call you a whiner? Really? We apparently have some real winners.

    I remember reading this at the time... just too scary for me. I couldn't do what you do, I have all the respect in the world for ya. That's just nuts. Good when it works out right, though.
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  10. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle Huge member

    Yep, someone red repped me. I could care less about the points, I just wish the coward would have signed his name, at least had the balls to identify himself. But alas, the world is filled with keyboard commandos, lol.
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  11. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    Some green to balance the red.

    Take care man. :balrog:
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  12. KDOG

    KDOG Huge member

    And, yet, more GREEN!!! The world needs a few more standup guys, like yourself - LR - that aren't afraid to describe HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!! Gives the "commandos" a little RIGHT DIRECTION in life.
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  13. Evamore

    Evamore Huge member

    Good to hear some excellent work practice coming out of a prison. Usually it is never heard by the public and typically only the negative aspects hit the media which is bullshit. This goes for all LEO n military. It sounds like you all are doing great work with what you are working with. Great job and be safe.
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  14. shakie

    shakie knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I wouldn't do your job period.
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  15. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle Huge member

    You people rock!
    I appreciate the positive encouragement!
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  16. Tank Buster

    Tank Buster Rattlehead Devil

    Working in a prison is pretty hardcore. Weather your the therapist or the guard, it's fucking tough man.
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  17. Long Rifle

    Long Rifle Huge member

    I was the guard, now I'm the therapist. Being on both sides has helped me see a more complete picture, offered an interesting perspective.

    I've been trying to choose to see things in as positive a light as I can; I'm trying to cut down on the negativity in my life. There's been WAY too much negativity in my life in the past, so now I'm doing my best to purge it away.

    Naturally, we can't cleanse ourselves of every shred of negativity, but we can do our best. It's all a choice. But I've truly seen how being negative can rob us of valuable strength and energy, and it's just not worth it.

    I don't believe God wants us to be drained all of the time, and unhappy. Don't get me wrong; I'm counting down the years until I can retire from that God-awful place. But I also believe God placed me there for a reason, so I'm trying to do my best for Him. I believe He has a mission for all of us in this life, and mine must be behind that wall.
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  18. Tank Buster

    Tank Buster Rattlehead Devil

    That's deep man. Green coming your way.
  19. danielhq

    danielhq Huge member

    Honors for taking the high road;society as a whole needs men like you who will stand behind the wall so the savages of this world can remain somewhat separated from us who are not quite so insane.I"ll keep you in my prayers,bro.
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  20. tubtar

    tubtar high caliber consecrator Moderator Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Way to keep the convicts down , man. :bwah::bwah:
    Just playin.
    I have a cousin and a couple friends in adult corrections.
    Not me , brother.
    Chains or a time card ........... it don't matter.
    That's no place I want to be.

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