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Limited Custom "balisong" morale patch

aka_fibonacci Sep 25, 2020

  1. aka_fibonacci

    aka_fibonacci Little Member

    So I've decided to merge my two hobbies together: balisongs and morale patches. I've searched far and wide for a balisong patch to add to my collection but couldn't really find any that suited me. Being a designer as my dayjob I designed my own.

    For the uninitiated, the "tag" spells out "balisong" and features the classic BM 42 as a backdrop. I really thought I toned down the stylistic text but I know it's not for everyone but that's OK! Thanks for checking it out anyways.​


    The patch is glow PVC with stitched hook and loop, there are two variants (50 of each): Red or Blue. Every patch comes packaged with a numbered art card and matching grey sticker. First 15 of each color will include a double stickers!


    PayPal price is $26 shipped and tracked CONUS.
    Buy two for $47
    International is OK too, just gotta add an additional $10 to cover shipping.

    I also accept (if buyer is comfortable) Cash App with $1 or $2 knocked off the price.

    As soon as payment is made I will create a USPS First-Class shipping label and provide you with tracking right away.

    These are completely limited to 100 (50ea variant) and will never be reproduced.
    (sorry mods if this isn't allowed since I posted this in the other group, please let me know)
    Bali-05.jpg Bali-06.jpg Bali-07.jpg

    Thanks again for looking!
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