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Last mile vehicle

Justin McNeill Nov 30, 2019

  1. Justin McNeill

    Justin McNeill Little Member

    In the last year I have obtained a electric scooter, One wheel, and boosted x
    Lots of fun and makes me feel young. 8D257904-03DA-4233-BB6A-1982744BC81F.jpeg
  2. seandavid55

    seandavid55 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I saw a guy cruise by me on one of those one wheel things. Looked pretty cool. To have all this cool shit when I was young....
  3. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab Pakal I JDBA Official Member

    there’s a guy that cruises around our area on one of those one wheel skateboards.

    my kids and i pass him on our bikes. my youngest told dude to kickflip.:wes:
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2019 at 5:34 PM
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