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Knives ****SOLD****HOM Basilisk-R TI & HOM Specter

Elartedematar Mar 31, 2020

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  1. Elartedematar

    Elartedematar Tiny Member

    All knives are ***SOLD*** Thank you to the members and JD

    new in box with all paperwork HOM Basilisk-R TI Balisong satin finish blade and handles. Titanium Spacers
    I just got this from PVK a couple weeks ago and I paid $420.00 plus shipping

    ***SOLD to wagesoffear****
    $350.00 shipped in the USA priority mail. Open to Offers
    No Trades USA Only

    ***SOLD to elgiraffe***
    HOM Specter
    Balisong comes with a brand new Linos kydex carbon fiber multi position sheath I just purchased.
    Purchased from silkworm recently
    Here is the description from the thread

    "Plain Jane Specter from the first 2015 run. This knife has been flipped and used. It sat on my desk for the past few years and took on run of the mill desk knife duty opening mail and packages. It has been sharpened on a Sharpmaker and has the typical snail trails on the handles. Includes box and paperwork. Handles are titanium and the blade is Elmax"

    $300.00 shipped in the USA priority mail Open to offers
    No Trades USA Only

    I accept PayPal for payment
    Not looking for trades
    USA Sales and Shipping Only

    Thank you all for your consideration!

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2020
  2. elgiraffe

    elgiraffe Little member

    I'll take that specter. Messaging now.

    Edit: Are there timestamps I'm missing? If they're not up, could you post those
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2020
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