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  1. Julien V Wayne

    Julien V Wayne Tiny Member

    I apologize if this isnt in the right right threa . I am relatively new, but I have several knives I'd like to sell the I'm unsure of the value

    All are 10/10 brand new never flipped. I have my beater but invested in quite the collection and now have other priorities i must attend to.

    I have:
    EldonTalley sheepsfoot
    3 julian Klein emissaries
    2 benchmade 42a

    These are just the ones in pristine condition, I have many more but am trying to find what the going rate for these are. Please help me if you can. Thanks jd
  2. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories Average Member

    if your goals are to discover their value AND sell them for that value, put them up for auction, achieve both goals simultaneously.

    ~you're welcome!
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