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Knife Pet Peeves

BennytheBlade Oct 2, 2007

  1. Boogerball

    Boogerball My posse's on Broadway Brigade Member

    knives that have a fucked up tip... whether it be all blunt and rounded off from (crappy) resharpening, or the point is whoppy-jawed and not centered


  2. dragoncutlery

    dragoncutlery knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    ppl who complain about no sheath cuzz every time i do make one some one else has something to say about it

    im a leffty

    loops to small/big

    why leather why not kydex

    i dont like the color

    can i get a discount i wont be needing the sheath

    kydex couldt you have made it in leather

    whys the one with the sheath cost more

    can you put a strap with a snap on it

  3. Steelshaper

    Steelshaper knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Tactical knives, especially overly angular, blocky, and busy ones. Why do some knives look more like pieces of alien technology than knives?


    Names like oiydfo-iuhri-812/73fi-ay5b957
    I would much rather see a knife called "turkey turd" or "mouse bowels" at least I can remember it. If some one says "I just got a new kjfh-g845/908y-fjsdfh98" I have to wonder if this is some spy code for herpes or something.

    Bush craft knives that are supposed to be better just because they are UGLY.

    Mosaic damascus patterns that looks like cartoon characters or even worse are cartoon characters.

    Chisel grinds and American tantos.
  4. bootstrenf

    bootstrenf BRB- starting epic threads

    blades with uneccessary holes and cutouts.....

    they serve no function, and compromise the structural integrity of the blade....

    skeletonizing the tang of a small fixed blade to improve balance i can accept though.....

    i don't want any damn "speed holes" in my blades...
  5. Coolhand68

    Coolhand68 ALL Devil all the time

    Blade play of any sort, especially from an expensive model. I don't care how good a warranty is, do it right the first time.

    Kydex sheaths, I just don't get it, other than they prevent moisture from sitting against the blade like a leather sheath. They scratch the finish and aren't very nice looking. Nothing like having a nice custom finish knife with fine examples of craftsmanship and design and then shoving it into an ugly plasticy sheath.

    Coated blades, unless you need the coating for practical purposes, I prefer satin finish.

    Pocket clips that ride to low on the handle and cause the handle to show a half inch or more out of the top of the pocket.

    Paracord wrapped tangs\handles...they attract grit, sand and dirt and take a long time to dry if wet. I also don't get as good a grip on them as no a conventional scale/handle.

    Knives without any type of guard or handle curve to keep your hand from sliding down onto the blade. Especially on fixed blades.

    Chisel grinds

    Carbon steel blades...too high maintenance. All you have to do is look at them and they rust in front of your eyes.

    YOWZER Little member

    1. 700.00 custom knife with more blade play than any Benchmade.
    2. Uneven grinds!
    3. Buy your own sheath fixed blade!
    4. Great folder... shitty clip=will not be using!
    5. Great custom folder...opps I bent the clip...9 month wait for one!!!

    And last but not least.....THE DAMN THING IS DULL FROM THE GET GO!!!!:trustme:
  7. dtownknifekid

    dtownknifekid Huge member

    My pet peeves
    Blade play
    weak detents
    poor edges
    High prices mixed with crappy steels
    clips mounted so too much knife shows in the pocket
    weak pocket clips
    and uncomfortable handles
    Oh and when innovative designs are only offered in tanto points

    I'm not a huge fan of recurves either a 710 without a recurve would make my day
  8. AMRaider

    AMRaider Huge member Brigade Member

    Blade play/weak lock.
    Weak detent.
    Weak pocket clip.

    Gotta be secure when open or closed.

    Maybe I should look more into fixed blades :manganr:.
  9. RyanA

    RyanA El Burro Diabolico


    I hate that torx are designed to strip before backing out. It's a real bastard to strip a recessed torx. A phillips is designed to back out before it strips.
  10. unreconstructedgordo

    unreconstructedgordo Level: True Devil

    Round profile handles, even knurled like a CR -they twist in hard use and you never know which way is up with out being able to see.
    Cord wrapped handles; I don't care if they are soaked in epoxy or penis butter when you use them in the real world they get filthier than hell real quick and really can't be cleaned properly.
    Any handle with sharp edges , even where they meet the choil.Sure sign of an poor design IMHO.
    Grinding rivet heads to the contour of scales. What will that nice fit look like when the wood/horn shrinks or the plastic wears? You'll have a razor in the middle of your palm area. WTF!
    Subhilt contraptions! Those friggin subhilts if other than molded into the handle can and will hang up everywhere and could break your fingers.
    Stainless steel blades generally as they have no "bite" to them and they feel like soap next to a sharp carbon steel blade, and they are dicks to sharpen. Sure I do own a few stainless blades , 440c mostly which is the best of the lot and the other stainless steels descend down to seafoam SV30 ect. which are so easy to mass produce.
    Weird curved blades other than chopping Khuhris and skinning knives.Also weird stops on the blade that will keep it from penetrating and have no other than "eye appeal".
    Actually I am not turned on by art knives with inlays and such, but have nothing against them if you like that sort of thing.
  11. NLefort

    NLefort Huge member

    Not only are you getting a wittle gween box for this one...
    But this is the smartest thing I have heard all day.
  12. Piet.S

    Piet.S knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Yep, making knives sure makes you picky on workmanship.

    But there is no way back.
    The only way is forward, making your own knives better.

    That is the curse.
  13. BlazenGem

    BlazenGem child prodigy

    1. Blade play

    2. Uncentered blade

    3. Weak detent

    4. Dull out of factory knives

    5. Black coated blade

    6. Sharp edges...other than the blade edge

    7. Weak and flimsy locks. a NONO

    8. Finger can get cut by pushing it in through the other side of the handle while the knife is closed.
  14. Brian

    Brian flstf99

    Im with ya on this one. It really ruins a good folder when its designed for tip down carry so even if the option for tip up is there its in such a shitty position its not worth moving. Case in point... My Kershaw Skyline. There are clips available for deep carry but they cost damn near what i paid for the knife.
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  15. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fire and Blood JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Hand hurters. I know it's hard to be original w/ design, but it should be somewhat practical. Hard use "tactical" knives shouldn't have to have a pair of gloves on. Hot spot on a handle for a hard use knife is just dumb.
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  16. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fire and Blood JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Necropost (1).png
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  17. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fire and Blood JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Flavor of the month new maker "tactical" ti framelock. Starting price. $2000.
  18. ster91b

    ster91b Paloozster! Brigade Member

    Yeah it was bad enough when shit was $800 for some bead blasted plain fuck. How the fuck do these fuckers sell these thicc ass, future world cleavers?
    BennytheBlade likes this.
  19. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    Future desk dust collector’s??? I sold my utility for 20,000 $ with no extra blades on it, I figure if the dude had the money he can get his own.
  20. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fire and Blood JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I go to ebay, modern custom folders and sort highest price. You will see many of the same names over and over in time. Ie, they arent selling. At least not at the asking price. When i see 5 different dealers with 12 knives a piece, from the same maker over 3-6months, i think the product is overpriced.
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